(GK) Sports Questions

(GK) Sports

1. Who is Paradorn Srichaphan?
a. A Sri Lankan cricketer
b. A Thai tennis player
c. An Indonesian badminton player
d. A Malaysian golfer
Ans : C

2. Annika Sorenstam, a famous sportsperson, is known as a professional
a. chess player
b. golfer
c. swimmer
d. table tennis player
Ans : B

3. Consider the following sportspersons:
I. Aarthie Ramaswamy
II. Sania MIrza
III. Sheetal Goutam.

Who of these is/are tennis players?
a. I and only
b. II only
c. II and III
d. III only
Ans : B

4. Who won the men's singles title at the World Table Tennis Championship in the year 2003?
a. Joo Se-Hyuk
b. Kalinikos Kreanga
c. Kong Linghui
d. Werner Schlager
Ans : D

5. The first one-day Cricket World Cup tournament was held in
a. Australia
b. England
c. New Zealand
d. West Indies
Ans : B

6. The 70th Senior National Billiards Championship was won by
a. Ashok Kumar
b. Alok Kumar
c. B. Bhaskar
d. Pankaj Advani
Ans : B

7. The 2004 Duleep Trophy was won by
a. North Zone
b. South Zone
c. East Zone
d. Karnataka
Ans : A

8. In March 2004, who among the following players become the second bowler in Test cricket history to take 500 wickets?
a. Mutthiah Muralitharan
b. Shane Warne
c. Glen McGrath
d. Anil Kumble
Ans : B

9. Which city hosted the First Afro-Asian games?
a. Lucknow
b. Hyderabad
c. Allahabad
d. Chennai
Ans : B

10. The 2010 Commonwealth games will be held in
a. India
b. UK
c. Canada
d. Pakistan
Ans : A

11. The winner of the 2003 US Open men's Single Tennis Championship is
a. Andy Roddick
b. Roger Federer
c. Carlos Moya
d. Juan Carlos Ferrero
Ans : A

12. Which of the following countries won the 2003 Asia Cup Hockey Championship?
a. Pakistan
b. Japan
c. South Korea
d. India
Ans : D

13. Which game is Ian Thorpe associated with
a. Badminton
b. Chess
c. Swimming
d. Squash
Ans : C

14. Who is the first India to take a hat trick in an international test
a. Kapil Dev
b. Jasu Patel
c. Harbhajan Singh
d. B.S. Chandrasekhar
Ans : C

15. Who won the 'All-England Open Badminton Championship 2001'
a. Prakash Padukone
b. Chen Hong
c. Peter Gade
d. Pullela Gopichand
Ans : D

16. Makers of which tyres sponsor Indian ace Narain Karthikeyan
a. JK
b. MRF
c. Dunlop
d. Modi
Ans : B

17. Hamburg Masters Hockey Trophy 2003 was won by
a. India
b. Australia
c. Germany
d. Pakistan
Ans : A

18. Sania Mirza of India won the Girls Wimbledon Doubles Championship 2003 partnering with
a. Sunitha Rao
b. Isha Lakhani
c. Sanaa Bhambri
d. Alisa Kleybanova
Ans : D

19. In which sport is the grand champion accorded the title of 'Yokozuna'

Ans : Sumo Wrestling

20. Which sporting organisation was formed at a house in Balaram Ghosh Street, North Calcutta, in August 1889

Ans : Mohun Bagan

21. 'Lona' is a term associated with the sport

Ans : Kabadi

22. In the Volleyball game the number of players on each side is

Ans : Six

23. Sports Research Institute is located at
a. Patiala
b. Delhi
c. Cochin
d. Poona
Ans : A

24. Durand Cup is associated with

Ans : Football

25. American open is associated with

Ans : Tennis

26. Australian open is associated with

Ans : Tennis

27. French Open is associated with which sport

Ans : Tennis

28. Santhosh Trophy is associated with which game

Ans : Football

29. Ã¢â‚¬ËœJockey’ is a term associated with
a. Golf
b. Horse Racing
c. Boxing
d. Billiards
Ans : B

30. The number of rings in Olympics flag is

Ans : 5

31. The place in which the first Asian games were held at

Ans : New Delhi

32. In cricket, the length of the pitch between the wickets is

Ans : 22 yards (20.12 m)

33. The first ever National Youth Games (under-19) were held in January 2004 at

Ans : Bangalore

34. National Sports day is observed on August 29th. It is the birth day of

Ans : Dhyanchand

35. Which country will host the Commonwealth Games in 2010

Ans : India

36. Who won the Renji Trophy in 2004

Ans : Mumbai

37. Who is the first Indian woman to win a medal in the World Athletic meet

Ans : Anju Boby Gerorge

38. Who was known as ‘The Flying Sikh’

Ans : Milka Singh

39. The first Indian to win the World Champion title in Chess

Ans : Viswanathan Anand

40. Who among the following footballers has been selected as the European player of the year 2005
a. Zenedine Zidane
b. Ronaldinho
c. Ronaldo
d. Ariel Ortega
Ans : B

41. When was the first Commonwealth games held

Ans : 1930

42. Who is the first Indian to join the Formula–1 league

Ans : Narain Karthikeyan

43. Which of the following teams won the Ranji Trophy cricket championship for the first time
a. Kerala
b. Bengal
c. Delhi
d. Uttar Pradesh
Ans : D

44. Who among the following became the first cricketer in 24 years to receive BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year Award
a. Brian Lara
b. Andrew Flintoff
c. Jacques Kallis
d. Shane Warne
Ans : B

45. The first cricket bowler to achieve 500 wickets in One-day internationals is

Ans : Wasim Akram

46. Wasim Akram of Pakistan is associated with
a. Politics
b. Martial law
c. Nuclear tests
d. Cricket
Ans : D

47. Bull fighting is the national game of which country

Ans : Spain

48. The 2004 Olympic games was held in

Ans : Athens, Greece

49. Kerala defeated which team in Santhosh trophy final 2001

Ans : Goa

50. Merdeka Cup is associated with

Ans : Football