(GK) Science: Chemistry

(GK) Science: Chemistry

1. Presence of bicarbonates of Calcium and Magnesium in water leads to

Ans : Temporary hardness of water

2. Stainless steel contains

Ans : Iron, Chromium and Nickel

3. White phosphorus is stored under
a. Palm oil
b. Sodium Nitrate
c. Water
d. Liquid Ammonia
Ans : C

4. Which gas comes in third position in volume in atmosphere after Nitrogen & Oxygen
a. Neon
b. Carbon dioxide
c. Carbon monoxide
d. Argon
Ans : D

5. Amalgam is an alloy in which one of the compound is
a. Zinc
b. Mercury
c. Platinum
d. Silver
Ans : B

6. Atomic number is equal to
a. Number of protons
b. Number of electrons
c. Total number of protons and electrons
d. Total number of protons and neutrons
Ans : A

7. The anti-knocking compound used in petrol in order to enhance the capacity of petrol engine is

Ans : Tetra Ethyl Lead

8. Ã¢â‚¬ËœAqua Regia’ is a mixture of

Ans : Hydrochloric acid and Nitric acid

9. The chief chemical component of pearl is

Ans : Calcium carbonate

10. Global warming is due to increased production of all the following, except
a. Methane
b. Sulpher dioxide
c. Ethane
d. Carbon dioxide
Ans : Carbon dioxide

11. Which acid is present in lemon

Ans : Citric acid

12. Brass is an alloy of copper and

Ans : Zinc

13. The hardest natural substance known in the world is

Ans : Diamond

14. Permanent hardness of water may be removed by the addition of

Ans : Sodium carbonate

15. Which is Vinegar
a. Oxalic acid
b. Citric acid
c. Acetic acid
d. A mixture of all the above
Ans : C

16. Which of the following gas is used in cigarette lighters
a. Butane
b. Propane
c. Radon
d. Methane
Ans : A

17. Baking Soda is also known as

Ans : Sodium bicarbonate

18. Bond order of a molecule can be at the maximum of
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
Ans : B

19. Neutral molecules in which one of the carbon atoms has six valence electrons are called

Ans : Carbenes

20. Which of the following is non-radioactive
a. Cobalt − 60
b. Deuterium
c. Tritium
d. odine − 129
Ans : B

21. Which of the following is a thermo setting plastic
a. Teflon
b. PVC
c. Polythene
d. Bakelite
Ans : B

22. Octane number of petroleum can be increased by
a. Atomization
b. Adding catalysts
c. Heating with H2
d. Dehydrogenation
Ans : A

23. Atoms of the same element having the same atomic numbers but different atomic weights are called

Ans : Isotopes

24. What is the main constituent of soap

Ans : Sodium hydroxide

25. Name a fertilizer that contain maximum amount of Nitrogen

Ans : Urea

26. Which compound is called oil of wintergreen

Ans : Methyl Salicylate

27. What is alum

Ans : Potassium Aluminium Silicate

28. A minute amount of radio isotope is called

Ans : Tracer

29. Name an alloy of copper, antimony and tin

Ans : Babbitt metal

30. Which is the most commonly used bleaching agent

Ans : Chlorine

31. Which among the following elements is stored in kerosene
a. Fluorine
b. Iodine
c. Potassium
d. Sodium
Ans : D

32. The main component of egg shell is

Ans : Calcium carbonate

33. Which type of fire extinguisher is used for extinguishing petroleum fire

Ans : Powder type

34. The purest form of carbon is

Ans : Diamond

35. A substance which can react chemically as either an acid or a base is known as

Ans : Amphoteric

36. Which one of the following metals has the highest density
a. Gold
b. Platinum
c. Lead
d. Iron
Ans : B

37. Give an example for a Tribasic acid

Ans : Phosphoric acid

38. What is ‘White Vitriol’

Ans : Zinc Sulfate

39. Which among the following element is stored under water
a. Sodium
b. White Phosphorous
c. Lead
d. Potassium
Ans : B

40. Cyanide Process is widely used to extract
a. Gold
b. Titanium
c. Copper
d. Manganese
Ans : A

41. What is commonly known as ‘Blue vitriole’

Ans : Copper sulfate

42. Deuterium is an ………. of Hydrogen

Ans : Isotope

43. Fluorspar is the ore of

Ans : Calcium

44. The gas used in refrigerators and ice plants is
a. Ammonia
b. Carbon dioxide
c. Teflon
d. Calcium carbonate
Ans : A

45. Carbon monoxide is readily absorbed by
a. Magnesium
b. Copper
c. Nickel
d. Aluminium
Ans : C

46. Synthetic ethanol is produced by reacting ethane (in the presence of phosphoric acid) with

Ans : Hydrogen

47. What is called in the bond between two amino acids in protein

Ans : Peptide bond

48. Which of the following is not a noble gas
a. Argon
b. Silicon
c. Radon
d. Neon
Ans : B

49. Which metal remains in liquid form at normal temperature

Ans : Mercury

50. Common salt (Sodium Chloride) when kept open absorbs moisture from air. This is due to the presence of
a. Ammonium Chloride
b. Sodium Carbonate
c. Potassium Chloride
d. Magnesium Chloride
Ans : D