(Download) Gujarat PSC Mains Exam Syllabus - Paper -1 & Paper - 2 (Gujrati & English Compulsory)


Gujarat Public Service Commission

:: Mains Exam Syllabus ::

Paper 1 and Paper 2 (Gujrati & English Compulsory)



1. Essay ( Maximum 400 words )

It will have four to five topics pertaining to the current burning issues and themes. The candidate is expected to reveal all that one has grasped and to communicate through writing one’s critical understanding of the subject and to express it in the best possible individual style.

2. Letter Writing

  1. An Informal Letter
  2. Formal Letter – official / Business Letter

3. A Report of an event or a ceremonial function an Official Work

4. A Notice or an Appeal or a Warning or a Press Release for the Media

5. Dialogue Writing

  • A Dialogue between two persons on a topical issue

6. Formal Speeches – Welcome / Send-Off – Inaugural Speech etc.

7. An Individual conversion with a group of people

  1. At a Job Interview
  2. At a Press Conference
  3. At a place where some problematic situation has arisen e.g. Flood , Earthquake etc.

8. Precis – Writing

  • A passage of about 300 words will be given for precis writing.  Candidates are expected to reduce the passage to one third of its  original length in their own words. The purpose of Precis Writing is to  judge the candidate’s ability to comprehend, analyze and summarize the main ideas of a given passage

9. Comprehension

  1. A passage of about 300 words will be given with a set of questions based thereon.
  2. 10.Translation of a passage from English Language to Gujarati Language.
  3. 11.English Grammar
  4. Tenses / Sequence of Tenses.
  5. Voice: Active and Passive.
  6. Narration: Direct and Indirect.
  7. Transformation of Sentences: Assertive to Negative.
  8. Interrogative, Exclamatory and Vice-versa.
  9. Use of Articles and Determiners.
  10. Use of Prepositions.
  11. Correction of sentences including subject, Verb, Agreement.
  12. Degree of Adjectives, Connectives and Words wrongly used.
  13. Administrative Glossary.
  14. Synonyms.
  15. Antonyms.
  16. One word substitution.
  17. Forming new words by using prefixes and suffixes.
  18. Confusing words.

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