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To give an edge and sharpen the skill of qualified candidates in their preparation for Interview, we are starting an Interview batch from 5th March, 2013 to 15th April 2013. This programme will include an orientation class on interview, one to one talk (with Senior Bureaucrats, IAS Interview experts & Personality Development Experts) and 3 mock interviews.

UPSCPORTAL has also organized an intensive Interview Guidance Programme, which includes lectures on Current Issues, Economics, Security issues and Topper’s interview experience. Apart from this, three mock sittings will be given to each student by three different boards before the final date of interview in the UPSC. After the mock interview a candidate will be given a fair and square assessment of his/her performance indicating his/her strength and weaknesses with suggestions for improvement.

Mock IAS Interview Board members

  1. Dr. Lal Bahadur Verma (Retired Prof. & Administrative Trainer)

  2. Mr. V.N. Rai (I.P.S. & Ex-Director National Police Academy - Hyderabad)

  3. Dr. Subhash Dhuliya (Ex- Director – IIMC, Delhi)

  4. Dr. Birbal Jha (Director – British Lingua)

  5. Mr. Ajay Anurag (Interview Board Member Sanklap, Faculty Member of Allahabad University, IAS Training Institute)

  6. Mr. Hemant Vashist (Senior Bureaucrat)

  7. Mr. Rajeev Ranjan (Producer: Zee Business, Editor Share Manthan)

  8. Mr. Ravikant (Journalist – ABP/Star News)

  9. Mr. S.K. Seth (Govt. Officer CAG)

  10. Dr.  Vimlendu (Prof. Delhi University)

  11. Mr. Ajit Kumar (Editor & Author – Spectrum Books)

  12. Mr. Rameshwar (Prof. Delhi University)

  13. Dr. Niraj Srivastava (Ex. Associate Prof. Allahabad University & Author Orient Black Swan)

more Interview Board members are coming soon.

Click Here for Mock Interview Schedule

Areas to be Focussed Before Attending Mock Interviews:

Generally in Interview questions asked from the areas given below:

1. A candidate is asked questions on his/her bio-data (including extra-curricular activities, hobbies, sports, jobs experience, knowledge of his State, etc.)

2. Contemporary issues,

3. Situational or hypothetical questions (Decision Making Ability)

to test the candidate’s mental alertness and qualities of leadership and on his subjects of study.

So, we will provide you out and out support for your interview, but we expect you to collect necessary knowledge on these areas before coming to attend the classes.

Orientation Classes and Study Materials are Free for all Mains Qualified Candidates. (Register Below)

Programme includes Classroom Lectures, 2 mock sittings and 1 personal sitting. 
Civil Services Mentor

Dr Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi
Wishing you Success!

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