Sample Questions From UPSC Mains Study Kit 2011: (Science & Technology and Others)


1. What are genetically modified foods? How are genetically modified foods regulated in India? —250 words

2. What is nanotechnology? Discuss some applications of nanotechnology. —250 words

3. Highlight some of the major application of nanotechnology in the defence sector —150 words

4. What is spectrum? —100 words

5. What is artificial Intelligence discuss some of its use. —150 words

6. What are the lessons to be learnt from the fukushima accident? What has to be done to prevent such kind of accident in Indian nuclear plants. —250 words

7. Highlight the consequences, when forests are destroyed? —100 words

8. Discuss about some programmes and action plans that have been taken to protect forest in India —150 words

9. What is Barcode? Discuss some of the potential use of Barcode —150 words

10. What is syntheia? What are its use? —100 words

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