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Syllabus of Examination

Personality Test (Interview)

Mains Examination: Stage 2

The interview is the last stage of the examination. Students who have cleared the main exam are called for an interview, and their performance through the entire course of the examinations is taken into account.

Most successful interviews last 35- 45 minutes, and the aspirant is quizzed on issues concerning his or her choice of subject, bio-data, professed areas of interest, and current and emerging issues. As is the case with the rest of the exam process, aspirants are advised to provide analysis

As this stage is the final stage of the whole examination process, this stage has emerged as the most deciding phase of the exam. Interview has been termed as a deciding stage for the entire examination process, it decides your future. Though It carries only 300 marks but sometimes it decides in which service you get. But an Interview can make or break, so it is imperative to take it seriously. Interview is never been the test of knowledge merely but it is the test of overall Personality for this very reason this stage is called the Personality Test. It is test of good communication skills with self-confidence; no doubt knowledge base can’t be ignored.
UPSC interview questions has wider areas so it is good to prepare as many areas as you can. Question on hobbies could be expected. Questions relating to your name, your college or school name are also a big possibility. If someone resembles with your name, get ready to have question. Questions are from the situational type could be asked such as if there is situation of unrest in your district what will be your step to tackle the situation.