(IAS PLANNER) What are the Prospects for Engineering & Science Stream Students?

What are the Prospects for Engineering & Science Stream Students?

Civil services is the premier job in the country, every second students wants to become a civil servant. But as compare to the private sector this job offers less at some instances their perks and salary are three times high. Even though private sector offers best of salaries a majority of students as well as parents wants their children to be an IAS officer. Here it is true that it doesn’t offer perks and benefits as other private sectors are offering but it offers an opportunity to lead and to work with the common people and at the grassroots level. It always gives you opportunity and chance to impact people's lives across a variety of domains such as health, education, water, sanitation, roads and electricity. In the private sector job you won’t get such privilege. However, the debate is still on whether the civil services should be a best career option for young people or not will remain unanswered. The very nature of work of civil servant is not only to maintain law and order but also implementing policies of the popularly elected governments as heads of district administration to jobs at the United Nations and the World Bank, formulating policies which touch the lives of millions of people across the globe. It is always being asked that is civil service as a career suits Engineering graduate, at some extend it doesn’t suit because it couldn’t offer what they are offering but it offers above all to work with the people whom we belongs to.Its a long matter of in administrative circle that who can be the best administrator GENERALIST (simple graduate, master) or SPECIALIST (ENGINEERING, MEDICAL, MANAGEMENT, ETC).In indian culture both are suited. At the end we can say that civil services is the only career in india through civil servants can change peoples life.

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