(Alert) UPSC IAS PRE 2014 Notification Delayed!!

UPSC IAS PRE 2014 Notification Delayed!!

UPSC, on Saturday, May 17, 2014, surprisingly took off the date of the civil services notification, from its ‘Programme of Examination List 2014. This is unexpected on the part of the UPSC, as the Commission has been known for abiding by its schedule.

However, now when the UPSC has allegedly decided to postpone the date for the release of notification of the Civil Services (Prelims) Examination 2014, it shall be interesting to see whether the UPSC sticks to the date fixed for the IAS (Prelims) Examination.

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As per the Earlier ‘Programme of Examination List 2014, the Civil Services examination notification was scheduled to be released on May 17, 2014, while the date for  the civil services (Prelims) was fixed at 24-08-2014.

In the updated ‘Programme of Examination List 2014’, the notification date has been struck off, while the date of examination has remained the same. It would be interesting to see how the UPSC deals with the matter in the coming days.

Many sections are speculating that the delay has been made due to the political turbulence, due to the recent election verdict, while others are claiming that the delay might have been due to the confusions relating to the extra attempts and age relaxations.

In any case, the notification might be released soon. Since the UPSC has not removed or changed the dates for the IAS (Prelims), it might be expected that the dates for the exam might remain the same.

Thus the candidates should not waste their time in meaningless debates over the purpose of this delay, and devote their time for exam preparations.

You will be alerted about the UPSC notification 2014, as and when it would be released.

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