Tips for UPSC Preliminary Exam 2017


Tips for UPSC 2017 Pre Exam

Civil Services examination held every year by UPSC is considered the most unpredictable examination in India. It is said so not in literal sense but in terminological sense. It means that aspirants cannot follow one single strategy to conquer the 1st stage. However, one can follow certain tips and guidelines which is followed by most of the aspirants. These are the basic minimum and must be done by everyone before going for the examination on 18th June 2017.

TIPS/Guidelines for UPSC Exams:

  • Follow a single source for reading any topic, subject or newspaper. It will help you in revising the same in faster and yet comprehensive manner.
  • Do not bother about many free online test series just because they are free, stick with your plan and focus and revise the one you are following religiously.
  • Remember, revision is the key, therefore plan your studies accordingly and leave last 3 weeks for 3 full time revisions.
  • Since UPSC keep changing its pattern of asking questions, it is in the best interest of aspirants to give equal time on static as well as current affairs topics.
  • For revision part: Start from Polity, move to environment, then economy, then geography and history.
  • Some aspirants are night owls, for them it is very important to become a day person before the examination. Time has come; start waking up around 6-7AM in the morning.
  • It is very important to give your 100% in the examination therefore always take care of your health especially if you are in Delhi take care of mosquitos.
  • Focus more on Union government schemes, recent acts, and policy decisions. Every year there are 2-3 very simple questions from this area which can be solved just by a simple reading of the schemes.
  • If possible read the budget and economic survey from the government source itself. If you have not done that there is no time to go through all of that. Therefore, you still have one best thing; just listen to the budget which was presented in the parliament.
  • For economic survey; watch discussion on RajyaSabha TV and listen to AIR news discussion on the same. You will require hardly 3-4 hours for this exercise which would definitely fetch you at least 70-80% answers from this area.
  • If you have not read culture and ancient history, don’t panic. Most of the aspirants have not done it and remember you have to just qualify for the prelims. Therefore focus on your strengths, revise them well and just give a 1-2 times reading of any material on art and culture.
  • Moving to the environment, here revision is very important. More focus should be given on Climate bodies (national and international), National parks, World Heritage Sites, Ramsar sites, Conservation plans, rivers, IUCN Red list etc.
  • Just be focused even if it seems very hectic and impossible task. Remember, the key to this examination is confidence, hard work, revision rather than just knowledge.
  • Stop reading newspapers from 20th of May and complete detachment from news after 1st of June 2017. Now to cover 20th May to 1st June current affairs follow any online site.
  • Finally, believe in yourself. Be confident that you will qualify for sure no matter what happens. Follow your micro plans religiously, take care of health. Just be optimistic.

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