(Book) Design of Machine Elements by V B Bhandari

(Book) Design of Machine Elements by V B Bhandari


Publisher : Mcgraw Hill Education

Author : V B Bhandari

ISBN-10 : 0070681791

Edition : 3rd Edition

Number of Pages : 960 Pages

Publication Year : 2010

Language : English

ISBN-13 : 9780070681798

Binding : Paperback

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Engineering Materials
3. Manufacturing Consideration in Design
4. Design Against Static Load
5. Design Against Fluctuating Load
6. Power Screws
7. Threaded Joints
8. Riveted and Welded Joints
9. Shafts, Keys and Couplings
10. Springs
11. Friction Clutches
12. Brakes
13. Belt Drives
14. Chain Drives
15. Rolling Contact Bearings
16. Sliding Contact Bearings
17. Spur Gears
18. Helical Gears
19. Bevel Gears
20. Worm Gears
21. Flywheel
22. Cylinders and Pressure Vessels
23. Miscellaneous Machine Elements
24. Statistical Considerations in Design
25. Design of Engine Components

Summary of the Book

Machine elements are individual parts or components of a machine. These include frames, joints, screws, wheels, axles, seals, gears and drives. This book, Design Of Machine Elements, goes into the various factors that are involved in the design of these parts and components. The book begins with a chapter that provides an overview of the topics covered under machine elements design. It discusses the design considerations and methods of design etc. The second chapter covers the different kinds of materials used in designing machine elements.

The third chapter looks at the Manufacturing Consideration in Design. This includes discussions of manufacturing methods, tolerances, types and selection of fits etc. The next two chapters focus on design procedures against Static Loads and Fluctuating Loads. The book then proceeds to discuss various machine elements in separate chapters. The machine elements discussed include Power Screws, Shafts, Keys and Couplings, Welded and Riveted Joints, and Threaded Joints.

This text also covers Brakes, Friction Clutches, Chain and Belt Drives, Springs, and Sliding Contact Bearings. It also goes into other machine elements like various types of gears including Spur, Worm, Bevel and Helical Gears, Rolling Contact Bearings, Cylinders and Pressure Vessels, Flywheel, and some Miscellaneous Machine Elements. The twenty fourth chapter focuses on some Statistical Considerations in Design of machine elements. Then the book discusses the Design of Internal Combustion Engine Components.

Design Of Machine Elements covers the prescribed machine design syllabus for various universities across India. The book also uses Indian Standards when discussing design factors, materials etc. It also focuses on Indian products when examining the process of selecting a particular component from a manufacturer’s catalog. The book tackles example problems in a detailed, step-by-step style. This helps the readers understand the problem solving methods used. Each chapter ends with short answer questions and a section with problems for practice.

The companion website to Design Of Machine Elements contains further pedagogical resources. Instructors can access Power Point Slides and Solution Manuals. Students can access problems and questions and also information on reference materials. The site provides more than 717 Short Answer Questions, 356 Solved Examples and 216 Practice Problems.

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