(Book) Electric Machines by D. P. Kothari & J. Nagrath

(Book) Electric Machines by D. P. Kothari & J. Nagrath


Publisher : Mcgraw Hill Education

Authored By : D. P. Kothari, J. Nagrath

ISBN-10 : 0070616663

Edition : 1st Edition

Imprint : McGraw-Hill Inc.,US

Number of Pages : 518 Pages

Publication Year : 2006

Language : English

ISBN-13 : 9780070616660

Binding : Paperback

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction To Electric Machines
Chapter 2 Magnetic Circuits And Induction
Chapter 3 Transformers
Chapter 4 Principles Of Electromechanical Energy Conversion
Chapter 5 Basic Concepts In Rotating Machines
Chapter 6 Armature Windings
Chapter 7 DC Machines
Chapter 8 Synchronous Machines
Chapter 9 Induction Machine
Chapter 10 Fractional-Kilowatt Motors
Chapter 11 Motors Control By Static Power Converters
Chapter 12 Appendix I-Answers To Objective-Type Questions
Chapter 13 Appendix II- Answers To Supplementary Problems
Chapter 14 Appendix III-A Quick Revision For Answering Vivas And Interviews
Appendix IV- Constructional Features Of Electric Machines And Transformers

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