(Book) Engineering Thermodynamics by P. K. Nag

(Book) Engineering Thermodynamics by P. K. Nag

Book Details

Publisher : Mcgraw Hill Education

Authored By : P. K. Nag

ISBN-10 : 1259062562

Edition : 5th

Number of Pages : 944 Pages

Language : English

ISBN-13 : 9781259062568

Binding : Paperback

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Temperature
3. Work and Heat Transfer
4. First Law of Thermodynamics
5. First Law Applied to Flow Processes
6. Second Law of Thermodynamics
7. Entropy
8. Energy
9. Properties of Pure Substances
10. Properties of Gases and Gas Mixtures
11. Thermodynamic Relations, Equilibrium and Stability
12. Vapour Power Cycles
13. Gas Power Cycles
14. Refrigeration Cycles
15. Psychrometrics
16. Reactive Systems
17. Compressible Fluid Flow
18. Gas Compressors
Appendix A Property Tables
Appendix B Property Charts
Appendix C Multiple Choice Questions
Appendix D Miscellaneous Solved Problems

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