(Book) Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures by S. K. Garg

(Book) Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures by S. K. Garg


Publisher : Khpub.

Authored By : Santosh Kumar Garg

ISBN-10 : 8174090479

Edition : 1st Edition

Number of Pages : 1184 Pages

Publication Year : 2006

Language : English

ISBN-13 : 9788174090478

Binding : Paperback

Table of Contents

1. Irrigation Techniques And Quality Of Irrigation Water
2. Water Requirements Of Crops
3. Canal Irrigation System
4. Sediment Transport And Design Of Irrigation Channels

  • Estimation Of Suspended Load In A Canal

  • Design

  • Procedure For Irrigation Canal

5. Lining Of Irrigation Canals And Economics Of Lining

  • Types Of Linings And Their Construction And Uses

6. Reclaimation Of Water-Logged And Saline Soils For Agricultural Purposes
7. Hydrology And Design Flood Estimation

  • Weather And Its Precipitation Potential

  • Precipitation

  • Gauges And Precipitation Data

  • Analysis Of Precipitation Data

  • Snowfall And

  • Snow Melt

  • Abstractions From Rainfall Including Infiltration And Evaporation

  • Streamflow Measurement And Gauge Discharge Curves

  • Runoff And Factors Affecting

  • Runoff

  • Computing Runoff From Its Given Rainfall

  • Estimation Of Flood

  • Discharge

8. Rivers, Their Behaviour, Control And Training
9. Diversion Head Works
10. Hydraulic Jump And Its Usefulness In The Design Of Irrigation Structures
11. Theories Of Seepage And Design Of Weirs And Barrages

  • Some Important Indian Barrages

12. Canal Falls
13. Regulators Modules, And Miscellaneous Canal Structures

  • Canal Regulators

  • Canal Escapes

  • Metering Flumes

  • Canal Outlets Or Modules

  • Miscellaneous Canal Structures

14. Cross Drainage Works
15. Construction Of Culverts And Small Road Bridges Across Drains

  • And Canals

  • Causeways And Box Culverts

16. Ground Water Hydrology And Construction Of Wells And Tubewells
17. Dams In General And A few Dams In Particular

  • Stories Of A Few Important Dams

18. Reservoirs And Planning For Dam Reservoirs

  • Designing Reservoir Capacity

  • Flood Routing Or Flood

  • Absorption Reservoir Regulation

19. Design And Construction Of Gravity Dams

  • Stability Analysis

  • Construction Of Gravity Dams

20. Earthen Dams And Rock Fill Dams

  • Seepage Analysis

  • Seepage Control In Earth Dams

21. Spillways, Energy Dissipators, And Spillway Gates

  • Types Of Crest Gates

22. Outlet Works Through Dams And River Intakes
23. Pressure Conduits
24. Hydro-Electric Power
25. River Navigation
26. Tank Irrigation
27. Arch And Buttress Dams
28. Irrigation Revenue Rates
29. Chapterwise Multichoice Objective Questions
30. Test Paper On Objective Questions
31. Important Information To Students On UPSC Competitions and Conventional Questions Of Past Years
32. Objective Questions Of Engineering Service Exams
33. Objective Questions Of AMIE Exams (New Scheme)

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