(Book) Mechanical Vibrations by G. K. Grover

(Book) Mechanical Vibrations by G. K. Grover


Publisher : Nem Chand And Brothers

Authored By : G. K. Grover

ISBN-10 : 8185240566

Edition : 8th

Book Type : Non Fiction Book

Number of Pages : 446 Pages

Publication Year : 2009

Language English

ISBN-13 : 9788185240565

Binding : Paperback

Table of Contents

Fundamental of Vibrations

  • Introduction

  • Definitions

  • Vect6z method of representing harmonic motion

  • Addi!,nn of two simple harmonic motions of the same frequency

  • Pheromelion of beats

  • Complex method of representing harmonic motion

  • Work done by a harmonic force on a harmonic motion

  • Fourier series and harmonic analysis

  • Analytical method for harmonic analysis

  • Numerical method for harmonic analysis

  • Notes on certain type of functions

  • Practice Problems

Undamped Free Vibrations of Single Degree of Freedom System

  • Introduction

  • Derivations of differential equation

  • Solution of differential equation

  • Torsional vibrations

  • Equivalent stiffness of spring combinations

  • Spring in series

  • Springs in parallel

  • Inclined springs

  • Rayleigh's energy method

  • Practice Problems

Damped Free Vibrations of Single legree of Freedom Systems

  • Introduction

  • Different types of damping

  • Free vibrations with viscous damping

  • Over — damped system

  • Critically — damped system

  • Under — damped system

  • Logarithmic decrement

  • Viscous dampers

  • Fluid dashpot

  • Eddy current damping

  • Dry friction or coulomb damping

  • Frequency of damped oscillations

  • Rate of decay of oscillations

  • Solid or structural damping

  • Slip or Interfacial damping

  • Practice Problem

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