(Book) Principles of Communication Systems by Goutam Saha, Herbert Taub & Donald Schilling

(Book) Principles of Communication Systems by Goutam Saha, Herbert Taub & Donald Schilling


Publisher : Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Author : Goutam Saha, Herbert Taub, Donald Schilling

ISBN-10 : 0070648115

Edition : 3rd

Imprint : McGraw-Hill

Number of Pages : 884 Pages

Publication Year : 2007

Language : English

ISBN-13 : 9780070648111

Binding : Paperback

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction: Signals and Spectra
Chapter 2. Random Variables and Processes
Chapter 3. Amplitude-Modulation Systems
Chapter 4. Angle Modulation
Chapter 5. Pulse Modulation and Digital Transmission of Analog Signal
Chapter 6. Digital Modulation and Transmission
Chapter 7. Mathematical Representation of Noise
Chapter 8. Noise in Amplitude Modulation System
Chapter 9. Noise in Frequency Modulation System
Chapter 10. Phase Locked Loops
Chapter 11. Optimal Reception of Digital Signal
Chapter 12. Noise in Pulse Code Modulation and Delta Modulation System
Chapter 13. Information Theory and Coding
Chapter 14. Communication System and Component Noises
Chapter 15. Spread Spectrum Modulation
Chapter 16. Miscellaneous Topics in Communication Systems

Summary Of The Book

Principles Of Communication Systems is a well respected reference text in the field of communication systems engineering. This text’s success is in part due to the manner in which the concepts are presented, its emphasis on mathematical treatment, and the novel way in which digital or analog communication is taught.

The text’s main objective is to encourage self study by way of illustrations and solved examples. The chapters in the text have been reorganized such that each chapter always begins with an introduction, which links the previous chapter, followed by figures and facts. Numerous objective self-test questions are included in each chapter which act as a self-check of the material presented. Then, each chapter concludes with a summary of the major points related to that topic.

Over 50 MATLAB-based examples enable students to test various parameters and the effects. The text also includes MATLAB-based SIMULINK models which will help students create a variety of student projects. Overall, the text includes over 100 solved examples, 600 problems for practice, and 250 objective questions.

The text has several salient features. The text proceeds with a discussion on angle modulation and the amplitude-modulation system. Four chapters are devoted to the topic of noise, with two more chapters examining the impact of noise on communication.

Principles Of Communication Systems is organized into 16 chapters. Some of the topics addressed in these chapters are Processes and Random Variables, Phase Locked Loops, Angle Modulation, and Signals and Spectra. The final chapter includes miscellaneous topics such as satellite, optical communication, telephone switching, and computer communications.

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