(Book) Refrigeration And Air Conditioning by C. P. Arora

(Book) Refrigeration And Air Conditioning by C. P. Arora


Publisher : Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Authored By : C. P. Arora

ISBN-10 : 0070083908

Edition : 3rd

Number of Pages : 980 Pages

Publication Year : 2008

Language : English

ISBN-13 : 9780070083905

Binding : Paperback

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Refrigeration Machine and Reversed Carnot Cycle
Chapter 3. Vapour Compression System
Chapter 4. Refrigerants
Chapter 5. Multipressure Systems
Chapter 6. Refrigerant Compressors
Chapter 7. Condensers
Chapter 8. Expansion Devices
Chapter 9. Evaporators
Chapter 10. Complete Vapour Compression System
Chapter 11. Gas Cycle Refrigeration
Chapter 12. Vapour-Absorption System
Chapter 13. Ejector-Compression System
Chapter 14. Properties of Moist Air
Chapter 15. Psychrometry of Air-Conditioning Processes
Chapter 16. Design Conditions
Chapter 17. Solar Radiation
Chapter 18. Heat Transfer through Building Structures
Chapter 19. Load Calculation and Applied Psychometrics
Chapter 20. Design of Air-Conditioning Apparatus
Chapter 21. Transmission and Distribution of Air
Chapter 22. Fans
Chapter 23. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Control
Chapter 24. Application in Food Refrigeration processing and Chapter Industrial Air Conditioning

Summary of the Book

This book has been written keeping in mind the present trend in the relevant industry. It covers the thermodynamic properties of alternate and mixed refrigerants fairly thoroughly. The new type of refrigerants R12 and R134 are given greater attention. To explain the relative advantages, detailed comparison is made between HydroChloro-Fluoro-Carbon (HCFC), R22 and Hydro-Fluro-Carbon (HFC) alternatives like R410A and R407C. Comparison is also given between HCFC, R123, and the HFC alternative R245fa.

Features like state-of-the art design of compressors, evaporators, cooling coils, cooling towers, condensers, ice plants, and cold storages are explained with illustrative examples. Topics like properties of pure substances, vapour pressure relationships, and equation of state are dealt with.

There is a new section on Installation, Service, and Maintenance of Scroll Compressors. More information on Comfort Air Conditioning with Comfort Chart is given.

Other features include calculations of latent heat of vaporization, internal energy, enthalpy, and entropy. Applications of Industrial Air Conditioning with HVAC applications like Tunnel Ventilation, Mine Ventilation, and Station Air-Conditioning have been given higher coverage.

The above features are covered in the 24 chapters. In addition, the book also includes Properties of Moist Air, Psychometry of Air-Conditioning Processes, Solar Radiation, Heat Transfer through Building Structures, Load Calculation and Applied Psychometrics, Transmission and Distribution of Air, Fans, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Control, and Application in Food Refrigeration processing.

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