(Download) UPSC IFoS (Main) Exam Paper-2020 "Geology"- I

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(Download) UPSC IFoS (Main) Exam Paper-2020 "Geology"- I

Exam Name: IFoS (Main) Exam
Exam Year: 2020
Subject: "Geology"- I


1. Write explanatory notes on the following within 150 words each : 

(a) Island arc and Volcanic arc 

(b) What are the geomorphic criteria used in mineral prospecting? 

(c) Sensors used in IRS series satellites and their characteristics 

(d) Different kinds of unconformities 

(e) Genetic classification of faults based on relative movement 

2. (a) Briefly describe the interior of the earth based on compositional layering and seismic discontinuities. Illustrate your answer with neat labelled sketch. 

(b) Explain the major drainage patterns and their controlling factors. 

(c) Discuss how the depth of a fold can be calculated. Enlist the assumptions in the calculation. 

3. (a) What are seismic waves? Give a detailed account on different types of seismic waves. 

(b) Describe the different types of aerial photographs. Comment on the utility of these in geological studies. Illustrate your answer with neat labelled sketches. 

(c) What are the various evidences of strain recorded in deformed rocks? How is the amount of deformation calculated? 

4. (a) What is a volcano? Briefly describe elevated and depressed volcanic landforms (three each). 

(b) Discuss the applications of remote sensing in Geology. 

(c) Elucidate the relation between cleavage and schistosity to major structures.  


5. Write on the following within 150 words each : 

(a) Evolution of suture in Ammonoidea 

(b) Lithostratigraphic classification and description of rank terms 

(c) Pliocene-Pleistocene boundary problem 

(d) Various aspects of earthquake resistant structures 

(e) Importance of groundwater chemistry 

6. (a) Describe in detail the morphology of Echinoids. Illustrate your answer with suitable sketches. 

(b) Discuss the Devonian stratigraphic succession of Garhwal Himalaya. 

(c) Describe the different types of dams and the forces acting on these. 

7. (a) Discuss the mammalian fossil record of Lower and Upper Siwaliks. Comment on the reasons for decline in fossils from the Upper Siwalik Boulder Conglomerate Formation. 

(b) Discuss in detail the stratigraphy of the Aravalli Supergroup. 

(c) What are the different types of groundwater wells? Discuss the characteristics of each well. 

8. (a) Briefly describe the evolution of brain capacity in Hominidae. 

(b) Describe the structure of Western and Eastern Continental Margins of India. 

(c) Briefly describe the genetic classification of water. Comment on the different types of aquifers.

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