(Download) UPSC IFoS (Main) Exam Paper 2020 "Zoology"- I

Indian Forest Service

(Download) UPSC IFoS (Main) Exam Paper-2020 "Zoology"- I

Exam Name: IFoS (Main) Exam
Exam Year: 2020
Subject: "Zoology"- I


 1. Write a brief account on each of the following : 

(a) Salient features of Rotifera with suitable examples

(b) Parasitic adaptations of Fasciola

(c) Feeding mechanisms of Mollusca

(d) Skull types of Squamata

(e) Air-breathing fishes 

2. (a) What are Great Barrier Reefs? Describe how climate change influences coral reef formation.

(b) Write an account on recent system of animal classification. Outline its differences from earlier empirical approach(es).

(c) Describe the life cycle of Nereis. 

3. (a) Write an account on modification of mouthparts in Insecta. Give suitable examples and diagrams.

(b) Discuss that Sphenodon is the most primitive and Crocodile is the most advanced of all living reptilians.

(c) Polychaetes exhibit different modes of life adapted to different habitats. Elaborate. 

4. (a) Enumerate the functions and main components of endoskeleton of vertebrates. Give an account on the types of jaw suspensoria with suitable diagrams. 

(b) Describe the structural organization of thyroid and parathyroid glands in different vertebrate groups with a note on the hormone-producing cells and hormones. 

(c) Herdmania is a primitive and degenerate descendant of ancestral chordates. Discuss. 


5. Differentiate between the following : 

(a) Biomes and Ecotones

(b) Ecto- and Endo-parasites of cattle

(c) Pyrilla and Achaea pests

(d) Spectrophotometry and Flame photometry

(e) Polyculture and Integrated fish farming 

6. (a) What is ecological succession? Explain the causes and theories of ecological succession.

(b) Define apiculture. Explain the methodology, status and scope of apiculture in India.

(c) Describe the principle and application of ANOVA. 

7. (a) With suitable examples, explain different methods of studying animal behaviour.

(b) Primates exhibit a system of social hierarchy. Explain it in the context of territoriality and dominance.

(c) Write about the pathogenicity of cholera with a note on control measures. 

8. (a) Explain the importance of fisheries in India. Write about the conservation strategies of finfish and shellfish.

(b) Describe the role of hormones in prey-predator detection and predator tactics.

(c) Define population. Explain the characteristics of a population. 

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