About : Indian Information Service (IIS)

INFO : Indian Information Service (IIS)
  • The Indian Information Services (IIS) was formed in the year 1987.
  • IIS is one of the Group ‘A’ Central Civil Service of India.
  • The cadre controlling authority is the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
  • Cadre size: 489 posts (direct recruitment – 50%, promotion – 50%). 

Functions of the Officers

  • Dissemination of information on government policies, programmes and activities through print, electronic, audio and visual media.
  • Providing feedback on the reactions of people to the programmes and policies and of advising the government on its information policy.


Service Hierarchy


Pay scales Designation in Field Designation in Headquarters

Junior time scale

8000-275-13500 Assistant Director, Inspector of Exhibition, Assistant News Editor, New Reporter/ Correspondent, Assistant Director (Monitoring), Field Publicity Officer, Assistant Regional Officer, Assistant Research Officer Assistant Director, PIB
Senior time scale 10650-325-15850 Assistant Press registrar, Campaign Officer, Public Relations Officer, deputy Director, Editor, Copy Tester, Research Officer, Senior Correspondent-cum-Editor, Regional Officer, Officer on Special duty, Talks officers, Senior correspondent, Public Relations Officer, Special Correspondent (abroad) Deputy Director, PIB
Junior administrative grade 12000-375-16500 Joint Director (News), Chief (Media), Director (Media), Deputy Press Registrar, editor-in-Chief, Special correspondent (abroad), Joint Director Counselor Director
JAG (NFSG) 14300-400-18300 Director Director
Senior administrative grade 18400-500-22400 Director, Registrar of Newspapers for India, Additional Director General (News), Special correspondent (abroad) Deputy Director General, PIB
Higher administrative grade 22400-525-24500 Director General (News) Additional Director General, PIB
26000 (fixed) Director General / Principal Information Officer Director General, PIB

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