About : Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS) 

INFO : Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS) 
  • The Indian Railway Personnel Services (IRPS) was formed in the year 1981.
  • IRPS is one of the Group ‘A’ Central Civil Service of India.
  • The cadre controlling authority is the Ministry of Railways
  • Cadre size: 275 posts (direct recruitment – 50%, promotion – 50%).

Functions of the Officers

  • Arrange recruitment, training of staff, promotion, demotion, transfers, disciplinary actions, retirement, settlement, selection etc.
  • Handling (negotiation and grievances handling) the railway unions.
  • Dealing with provisions of various laws and acts such as Industrial dispute Act, Factory Act, Workman Compensation Act, Payment of Wages, Minimum Wages and their implementation in the railways is another responsibility.
  • Interpretation of rules and orders.
  • Address matters concerning the welfare of the staff such as provision of residential accommodation, canteens, holiday homes, consumer societies, schools, clubs, institutes, hospitals etc.


:: Service Hierarchy ::


Pay scales
Designation in Field (Commercial)
Designation in Field (Operational)
Junior time scale
Assistant personnel officer

Selection time scale sr. scale


Divisional personnel officer

Senior personnel officer

Junior administrative grade


Sr. Divisional personnel officer

Deputy chief personnel officer 

Selection grade


Senior administrative grade


Chief personnel officer

Executive director

Higher administrative grade


Coordinating chief personnel officer

Additional member

Higher grade

26000 (fixed)


Member staff