(INTERVIEW) My Interview : Jyoti

My Interview : Jyoti

I had my interview on 13th of april.I got up early in the morning at 5 o clock.My god i was feeling sick.I had a bad stomach and i thought that number 13 is working at full throttle.Anyhow i gulped down few pills and everthing got fine.I wore a white shirt,blue trouser and a matching tie.I reached at upsc 15 mins before 9.As i entered the waiting room,candidates already sitting there gave me a gud news that i will be the first one to be interviewed.My heart was racing faster than F1 cars.However i started interacting with the candidates and and became normal.Soon i was told that i will be interviewed by Mrs Chokila iyer.Few minutes later call of destiny came and i followed the peon.He aked me to wait outside the room.While i was waiting outside i was trying to get familiar with the surroundings.Then the bell rang and i went inside.The lady sitting as the chairman gave a benign look and smiled a bit. I greeted her first and then the other members.I sat on the chair when asked by madam.

ch-ok,mr jyoti ,is cooking ur hobby

j- yes mam c-what do u cook

j-north indian vegeterian food

c-what is the status of food processing industries in india

j-food pr ind are in nascent stage and they are taking up .in our country only 1.3% of total produce is getting processed whereas in developed countries it is around 80%

c-is food pr essential

j-yes mam


j-because in our country 25% of total produce is getting wasted .fp can help in reducing the wastage and it will also enhance the nutritional aspects of food.

c-can u tell me something about wheat procurement by private players

j-mam,in states like punjab and rajasthan APMC act has been modified which allows the private players to procure directly from the farmers.Many companies like itc,cargill,glencore are already procuring wheat from farmers.Farmers are getting better prices.

c-has it also improved the quality of wheat production?

j-yes mam

mam tells other member to start

m1-jyoti,do u play cricket

j-no sir,i used to play


j-sir,i do not get enough time

m1-what do u do

j-sir i study

m1-ok in today’s newspaper a news has come about inflation

j-yes sir,govt has allowed import of 1.5 mt of pulses to contain inflation.

m1- good,what other measures have been taken

j- i sited all the measures..demand,fiscal and supply

m1-how repo rates contain inflation

j- sir increase in repo rate mops up extra liqidity from the market and it leads to reduction in demand as cost of money increases.

m1-there was something about wto in todays newpaper

j-yes sir,g4 countries,us eu india and brazil have decided to conclude doha talks by year end.

m1-was it g4 or g6

j-sir times of india was mentioning g4 whereas in hindu it was g6

m1-ok ok,what are the major issues of talk

j-agricultural subsidies and nama

m1-what is full form of nama

j-non agricultural market access

m1- does india subsidise its agriculture

j-yes sir

m1-why we always accuse US not india for giving subsidies

j-sir in wto there is a aggrement on agriculture which allows us to subsidise our agri upto 10% of total agri production while for US it is 5%.our subsidy is around 3-4% while in case of  US  it is around 25-30%.thatswhy it is an issue in context of US.

m2-are subsidies justified

j-yes sir but they should be better targeted.those people who actually need it ,they are not getting at upto an extent they are expected to get.

m2-but subsidy is a drain on exche..

j-sir,govt also has a social responsibility

m2-what is the subsidy on cooking gas

j-sir if u allow me ,i can make a guess



m2-its more than that.why govt is giving subsidy on coking gas

j-sir govt is targetting poor

m2-but rich are also getting it

j-sir the more a person is poor more of his income is spent on food.thus this affects poor in a big way.

m2-have u heard about corporate social responsibilty

j-yes ir

m2-what is it

j-sir,corporates have a social responsibilty and they should spend a part of their profit towards social development.

m2-give some examples

j-tatas have opened hospitals in different parts of our country

m2-give some other example

j-sir i was working with eicher motors and they have opened a school in alwar.they are also running an eye hospital named as shroff

eye hospital in delhi.

m2-tell me about river interlinking

j-i answered in detail(asked about env impact)

m2-what are life style diseases

j-cardiovascular diseases,hypertension,cancer

m2-how cancer

j-sir carcionogens in our food can induce cancer.further smoking,chewing tobbacco can cause cancer.

m3-he asked a lot of factual objective type questions on geography

most of which were answered by me.however he was interrupted in between by mrs chokila iyer after which 4th member started asking questions

m4-tell me about three diseases caused by mosquitos in india

j-malaria,dengue,chikungunya which recently broke out in southern states

m4-do we have any malaria eradication programme

j-yes sir

m4-what are the major components

j-sir i am not aware about all the components but one major component is spraying ddt to conatin mosquito breeding

m4-what are the ill effects of ddt

j-biomagnification,it enters in our food chain and adversely affect our health.

m4-is use of ddt justified

j-sir we should strike a balance between its useful and harmful effects.Further we can use innovative methods to contain mosquito breeding.I read somewhere that in us they have bred a mosquito which is impoten.such biological methods can be used to contain mosquito breeding.

m4-is it so

m4-why sachin was in news for reasons other than cricket

j-sorry sir,i am not aware

(he gave me a hint.i was not able to recall.ch says,he may not have read.)

m4-ok why narayan murthi was in news

j- i explained

m4-ok in which campus did this happen,was it bangalore

j-sorry sir i am not aware

m4-tell me about tata corus deal

j- i explained but did a mistake.i told that after merger tata has become second largest steel producer.

m4-u are using tata.which company of tata has acquired corus

j-sir tata sons

m4-it is tata steel,how much steel does it produce

j- if u allow me i can make a guess



m4-no its less than that.how much steel does india produce

j-around 35 mmt

m4- and china

j- around 300 mmt

m4- compare indian and chinese economy

j-both are growing at decent rates .indian economy is more open in comparision to china.china has been able to improve its infrastructure however infrastructure remains a bottleneck for our economy.

china has also done well in manu sector where we are still lagging.

m4- tell about quantum of fdi in china and india

j-it is $60 bn for china and $5 bn per annum for india.sezs have performed very well in china

m4-ok if india has to catch up china ,what should we do

j-massive development of infrastructure

m4-what are the components of infrastructue

j- power-we are facing a serious power crisis

telecom-we are on the right path




m4-ok jyoti ,your interview is over

ch- thank you mr jyoti,(with a big smile)

my best wishes are with you

i stood up,stepped back,greeted the board and walked out with confidence


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