(INTERVIEW) Civil Services Interview : Suvir Dutta Board

(INTERVIEW) Civil Services Interview : Suvir Dutta Board

30th April 2007 at 9.00 AM My Civil Services interview was scheduled.After all the paper formalities..it started at 12.20 PM It was Suvir Duttas Board!

SD:You are from Bilaspur
Me:No Sir My parents are from BilaspurRight Now they are in Ambikapur!
SD:where it is?
Me:Near to Bilaspur!
SD:You are from Delhi College Of Engg..
SD:What was Your subject
Me:Computer Science
SD:Whats Computer Science..?
Me: Its Science of Computation with the help of computer system!
SD: You were In IBM global ServicesWhat U were doing there
Me: Sir I was in Testing Depts. was writing and reviewing the test cases done by Test lead.
SD:I am not able to understand ..Please make it simple!
Me: Sir in software there is coding and testingsuppose as our client was US-HSBC so the software is very similar to ICICI bank use here So for that coding is done and after that in testing we check the codes are right or not
SD:How do u check them..?
Me:logically or with help of software..
SD: When Chattisgarh was created
Me: 1st Nov 2000
SD: The other states that were created on same time..
Me: Jharkhand and Uttrakhand then Uttranchal
SD: At present the demand is for???
Me: Harit Pradesh..telangana..Vidarbha
SD: Whats the reson behind telangana..
Me: I m not sure but I feelthe utilization of resourses...farmers problemlack of infrastructure
SD: On what basis a state should be made
Me: If there are adequate resourses to run the govt..
SD: what is Executive Accountability..
Me: I am not getting you sir;
SD: Executive is accountable to?Me: Parliament
SD: legislative is accountable to..
Me: People of India..
Me: Becoz people chose them
SD: Judiciary is accountable to-
Me: Constitution ..
SD: Constitution is just a book
Me: there are various laws and legislation specified for working of judiciary
SD: If judiciary is not accountable to then
Me: there is provision for check and balance
SD: what is difference between economic growth and development..
Me: Sir, economic growth is related to GDP where as development is a broader aspects than economicsIn India these days the economic growth is only concentrated to metros and big cities and large part of population is deprived of it.
SD: How development can be measured..
Me: Sir,Quality of life.Human Development index..
SD: So u know about human development index
SD: You are working in IBM global services..
Me: No sir I left it..
SD: when did u leave..
Me: Sir Around 15th October 2006
SD: So u have one year of job experience..
SD: Right now where r u n what u r doing?Me: Sir I m in my native town..and I m Reading literaturewriting poetries..
SD: after leaving job what u were doing
Me: I came to delhi for mains preparation..
SD: why Delhi?
Me: Sir the place where I live is a remote area and news papers n magazine reach there after a day or two for eg. HINDU
SD:your graduation subject is not there in UPSC optionals ?Me: No Sir
SD: Why did u choose political science?
Me: Sir I was interested in nationals and international affairs n being a student of science I was not knowing much about government and how our political system is running that a civil servant should know!
1st Member:U r interested in cricket
Me: yes Sir
1st Member:Y did India lose in world cup?
Me: Sir So many reasons are responsible for that..Mental Strength,Team-Co-ordination and also the poor performance of playersAnd I think Cricket is an unpredicatable game..win and loss are two aspects of gameSo only one match played a decisive role that was of India-Bangladesh..becoz India-Srilanka was a 50-50 game !
1st Member:: So you dont give credit to Bangladesh
Me: Ofcourse Sir Bangladesh played well n v played bad
1st Member:Dont u think physical fitness is also a reason
Me: yes Sir ..
1st Member: Name 5 players who should not be in the team on the basis of physical fitness..
Me: SirSachin TendulkarSaurav GangulyZaheer Khanand if we consider form and fitness both virendra sehwag should also be not there and anil kumble..
1st Member: What about Irfan Pathan
Me: Yes SirBut I feel a lot of cricket is left in him
1st Member: Some time back Zaheer khan had poor physical fitness but after a year when he came back he improved a lot so this should be done with Irfan Pathan should also ..
Me: Yes sir
1st Member: what should be done to improve Indian cricket
Me: Selection procedure should be more transparent and talents should be explored from rural areasvillage level cricketers should represent state ..then national players should be selected....regionalism is also there..it should be removed!
1st Member: Dont you think there are two many teams playing in Ranji Trophy?
Me: yes Sir..In Australia there are only six teams we should reduce the no of teams ..
1st Member: U write poetriesSo what kind of poetries u write..
Me: Sir I write poetries that relate to emotions and sensibility of the people..
I also write on social issues like female exploitation and poverty..
1st member: How can u sense the sensibility of people at such a young age..
Me: Sir I started writing when I was in 9th-10th and I was aware of the isssues in my surroundingwhen I came to delhi in 2001 I saw the two diverse form of life is existing here..at one side there is ansal plaza where the best form of life is life available and on the other side there is long queue of beggars ..where the life at its horrible form is present there!
1st Member:Do U watch movies on similar subjects..
Me: Sir..I watch movies that emotionally or intellectually satisfy me.
1st member: Any movie on social issue ..you have seen last..
Me : Sir Traffic Signal .it was on the problem of beggars..
1st Member:: Have u seen water?
Me: Yes Sir
1st Member:What kind of movie this is
Me: Sir movie intellectually satisfies meit is on the problems of widows and their exploitation ..
1st member: the issue is very relevant
Me: yes sir it depicts the problems of past
1st Member: No ..actually media dont show these things these days
1st Member: Have u seen NAMESAKE..
Me:Yes Sir..
1st Member:Who is the author of it?
Me: Jhumpa Lahiri
1st Member:Have u seen Veer-zara..
Me: Yes Sir..
1st Member:What kind of movie is this..
Me: Its basically an emotional drama..
1st Member:Its light movie?
Me: Yes Sir..it creates larger than life pictures..
1st Member: It has some melodious songs!
Me: Yes Sir
1st Member:Do you hear songs also..
Me: Yes Sir..
1st Member:In radio?
Me: No sirr
1st Member:In TV?
Me: No SirActually v dont have access to these!
1st Member:there are so many new things in radio..Vividh bharti has also FM..Dont u hear?
Me: No Sir..
1st Member: You were part of any NGO also?
Me: No Sir but at school level we took part in activities like tree plantation!
2nd Member:Your second preference is IFS why?
Me: Sir My one of the subject is political science and I m interested in diplomatic things and foreign affairs
2nd Member:As a DM of a district in bihar what will be ur priorties?
Me: Sir First of all Ill try to understand the need and resources of the area..then Ill try to understand the expectations of people there..I ‘ll not attach myself personally or emotionally to the issuesIll work according to the rules or guidelines or constitution Ill try for the development of the area!
2nd Member:Your subject is international relations..
Me: No sirPolitical Sciene
2nd Member: yes Political science and international relations..
2nd Member: Name one of the Indias closet ally n most bitter ally..
Me: Sirthe need of the hour is US but if we see the history of the foeign affairs its Russia!( He didnt give me the time for bitter ally)
2nd Member:Who is the author of magna-carta of Indian foreign affairs?
2nd Member:The book is not on foreign affairs ..a major part of the book deals with foreign affairs..
Me: Artha-Shashtra..
2nd Member:Who wrote itkautilya or chankaya?
Me: Both are the name of same person!
2nd Member: same person?
Me: Yes..Kautilya ,Chankaya and Vishnugupta are the name of same person!
2nd Member:Why in chattishgarh there is problem of naxalism?
Me: Sir, Basically the Mining policy and Forest Policy that is not providing them right wages and depriving them of their basic rights on forest.lack of basic infrastructure facilitiessocio-economic condition of the peopleand most important they are not benefiting from govt policies made for them!
2nd Member: What are the problem of tribals?
Me: Sir basically this forsest policy and mining policy is the proble(rest I said the same thing as above)
2nd Member:Dont u think illiteracy is also a major problem!
Me: Yes Sir
2nd Member: Whats the illiteracy of dantewada?
Me: Sir I am not sure but around 40% .
2nd Member:NoI Thinks its very less!

3rd Member:(She was a lady and by mistake at first I called her Sir)
3rd Member:You have done your schooling from Holy cross English medium school?
Me: No mam Holy Cross Convent School!
3rd Member: YesSo your education was in English medium then Why u opted hindi medium for this examination?Me: Mam My primary education was in Hindi Medium and to express my internal feelings ..and hidden things ..I feel Hindi more comfortable!
3rd Member: Dont u think People should learn English
Me:Yes Mam in this era of globalization English is must for growth but To sustain our rich cultural heritageculture i.e comprised of languagefood..dress-codehindi is also very important ..that is why our govt initiated three language formula i.e n north India people should learn hindi..english and one regional language!
3rd Member: U were Cultural Secwhat kind of events you were participating..
Me: Poetry, essay, elocutions, debatevarious form of dances..and some skits also; basically I was engaged in organizing events
3rd Member: What kind of events?
Me: Same Events.
3rd Member: When u were graduating who was the VC of DU?Me: (After a thought ) Deepak Parikh.
3rd Member : Deepak Parikh?
Me: No mam Deepak pental!
3rd MemberHe is current VCwho was in 2005?
Me: Sorry mam I dont know!
3rd Member: Mr.Nayyar!Do u know what he is?
Me: No mam I dont know!
3rd member: He is an economist!
4TH member: U are a software engineer.. what u were doing in testing/what is testing?
Me: Sir In testing we were checking the errors in coding!
4TH member:What are the parts of any project..
Me: Sir Coding ,maintainance and testing!
4TH member :what is software maintainance?
Me: Sir for the smooth running of SW it needed!
( He added so many ifs n buts n asked one more term related to SW I said sorry sir)
4TH member:Whats Software reliability n software validity?
Me: Sir I dont know the terms exactly but I can interpret acc to the terms..
4TH member : yes..
Me: Sir Software validity is the expiry time of the software after which it needs some modifications or improvement to sustain with existing new technologyand software reliability is whether it is performing the task for which it is meant!
4TH member: Ok to some extentright..
4TH member: How can IT be useful in governance?
Me: Sir, in the formulation and implementation of govt policies IT can be helpful to reach people and to satisfy their requirementsin bringing transparency..speedy assessment of files and in removing red-tapisim it can be powerful tool! To bring inclusive growth and to remove corruption it can also help!
4th Member : how can u help as software engineer?
Me: Sir in improving the quality in software –hardware purchase and with my knowledge I can implement new thing in improving the quality of life!
J There were so many pause .sentence were fractured and in all the questions were I was having 1 percent doubt I addedSir I m not surebut I feel/think..
Words here I used r same in meaning and expression to words I use there!

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