(Interview) An Exclusive Interview with UPSC Topper Mayank Pandey (170th Rank)

https://iasexamportal.com/files/mayank-cse.pngName : Mayank pandey
Date of birth: 1/03/1981
High school: FCI Inter college gorakhpur 1996 Ist division 61%
Intermediate: FCI Inter College Gorakhpur 1998 Ist division 62%
B.Sc.: St Andrew’s College Gorakhpur 2001 IInd division 57%
LL.B.: St Andrew’s College Gorakhpur 2004 Ist division 68% Gold Medallist of gorakhpur university
LL.M. : Faculty of LAW , Delhi University 2007 Ist Division 61% Gold Medalist of DU
Success Story : Bihar PCS (J) 40th Rank, UPPCS (J) 20th Rank, JRF Qualified Twice, IAS 2008 - 170th AIR Rank.



UPSCPORTAL: What were the basic mantras of your success?
Mayank Pandey- Confidence commitment and consistency are the mantra of success.

UPSCPORTAL: When did you start your preparation for the IAS examination?  What was your strategy for this examination?
Mayank Pandey: I started preparation from June 2007 appeared in pre in may 2008 you have 2 devote one and half year for this exam. For pre I was confident because with law pre is easy but for mains I was apprehensive specially for public administration so I made extensive study first and at the last selective approach.

UPSCPORTAL: What were your optional?
Mayank Pandey: First optional- Law 2nd Public Administration.

UPSCPORTAL: How did you plan for pre exam?
Mayank Pandey: For pre with law concentrate on bare act for IPC, TORT, CONSTITUTION and books for international law and jurisprudence.

UPSCPORTAL: What about General studies?
Mayank Pandey: Syllabus is very vast so there is a need of smart approach geography, science, reasoning and current covers almost 60-70 questions so I prepared these well.

UPSCPORTAL: What is the best way to prepare current affairs?
Mayank Pandey: Besides reading you will have to think over current event because opinion based question have been asked in mains which requires knowledge plus your own articulation.

UPSCPORTAL: What about time management? And what was your strategy for mains?

UPSCPORTAL: Did you join any coaching institute? What is your opinion about coaching institute?
Mayank Pandey: I joined vazi ram for GS and for Public AD I joined SUNIL gupta’s answer writing classes besides that Alok sir of AMBITION coaching guided me in law for mains. Selection of coaching institute is very imp coz it will save your time energy and give you a right direction.

UPSCPORTAL: Tell Us About Your Interview?
Mayank Pandey: My interview was in I.M.G.Khan’s board it was about 35 minutes board was very cordial questions were asked about Naxalisn , Financial crisis criminal justice reform and the problems of my native place Gorakhpur.

UPSCPORTAL: What is your suggestion for new comers?
Mayank Pandey: Always believe in yourself and be confident.

UPSCPORTAL: Your opinion about Aspirants Times?
Mayank Pandey: Aspirants Times is the best magazine for civils because coverage of this magazine is very extensive. The articles about matter of current importance are well articulated and rich in content.

UPSCPORTAL: What is your opinion about self study?
Mayank Pandey: Self-study is inevitable for civil services.

UPSCPORTAL: Do you think civil services exam is true test of a candidate’s merit? What is your advice to the candidate who failed in the exam?
Mayank Pandey: Try & Try again never lose your confidence. Sometimes luck for cede labor but there is no substitute of labor.

UPSCPORTAL: What do you feel about the secret of your success? To whom do you refer for the credit your success?
Mayank Pandey: The credit for my success goes to my mother who is a source of inspiration for me and specially my roommate Brajesh Rajak and Shailendra who were my helping hand throughout the preparation...

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