Selected Articles from Various News Paper: Civil Services Mentor Magazine August 2012

Selected Articles from various
News Paper

  • Politics without policy
  • Dealing with the Devil’s Excrement
  • India is not a global power
  • The injustice of delayed justice
  • A law that enables
  • Constitutionally empowered Act
  • Lethal ingredients in the Rio+20 mocktail
  • Expanding strategic partnership
  • Rebuilding the Afghan dream
  • A crisis of leadership
  • SCO vs NATO
  • Presidential Poll
  • A question of trust
  • A new beginning
  • Reimagine the exam
  • Patent silliness
  • Speedy Thorat
  • The Health Care Decision: Deliverance or Disaster?
  • Indian Plate Movement Earthquake and Tsunami Risk Zones
  • A Stinging Indictment of India’s Drug Regulation Authority

Courtesy - The Indian Express, Geography & You, Economic & Political Weekly, The Hindu