Reinterpretation of Japanese Constitution: Civil Services Mentor Magazine - October + November - 2014


With narrow land space and poor natural resources, Japan heavily depends on the international environment for its survival. It has no other choice than to make persistent endeavors toward international harmony in order to ensure its existence. Moreover, against the background of growing interdependence among nations today, Japan is strengthening its ties with the international community in every aspect of human life. As Japan’s economic strength grows, its position in the international community has been strengthened accordingly. This owes much to the wisdom and efforts of the Japanese people.

Since the end of World War II, country of Japan chose external peace as a medium for their development. National security has been maintained through by equipping itself with latest of technology and maintaining a close relationship with USA, but all with in the constitution of Japan. Japan also has a poor land space and natural resources, it has to depend on peaceful international conditions. As economic capacity of Japan has increased a lot , it’s political strength has also been strengthened. In proportion to Japan’s strengthened political power internationally, other countries want that Japan should play an active role in the international sphere. Every big nation has a responsibility towards world peace and order, Japan particularly has in south east asia. In the 1970s relation between two of the present super powers of the world, U.S. and China, normalised, this led to normalisation of ties between Japan and China. Various factors come together in International arena to make this happen, factors include, the termination of the Vietnam War and the events on the Indochinese Peninsula, and disturbances in the Middle East and Africa. In economic sphere oil crisis led to spike in the price of oil which has its bearing on all economies.

Consequently, countries developed a tendency of becoming protectionist. This lead to increase of inward looking tendency of many countries including Japan.

But today’s world is starkly different from the world of 1980’s, in today’s world economic, political and international issues all are intermingled and they all encroach in each other’s area. It has become extremely difficult to develop in economic sphere without infringing into other countries interest. At this juncture, Japan must, of its own accord, make positive contributions to the peace and prosperity of the world through its economic strength and political influence. It is only by pursuing an active diplomacy in a global perspective that Japan can find the way to ensure veritable peace and prosperity in the rigorous international environment in the coming years.

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