(Magazine) Yojana Magazine: Issue August 2012

Yojana Magazine: Issue August 2012

Every year we celebrate our Independence Day with reverence as we pay homage to our martyrs and freedom fighters. It is also the time to introspect on our achievements, our successes and failures and chart out the path that has to be travelled. Yet sixty five years of independence is but a small step in the long journey of India's history and civilization. The advent of political democracy in India has been unique and distinct. The Indian Constitution, created a democratic republic and pledged to secure justice, liberty, equality and fraternity for all its citizens. Universal adult franchise was provided for all at one go and provisions were built into the Constitution for affirmative action in favour of the disadvantaged and weaker sections. Economic development at the dawn of independence was shaped by India's colonial past and the nationalist present. The state was to a play dominant role in the process of development with conscious efforts to integrate with the world economy.

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