(IAS Topper) Mona Pruthi : Confidence clinches this exam

PART (I) IAS topper: Confidence clinches this exam

You plan to give a national level competitive examination -- like the Indian Administrative Services test.

Many of you want to know: what is that secret ingredient for success?

Does luck play a role?

image According to this year's IAS topper Mona Pruthi, who chatted with Get Ahead readers on May 12: 'Lady luck smiles only when you work hard. Luck may knock at your door but you have to get up and open the door.' 

Mona, who lives in Haryana, has an M Phil in English Literature and currently works with the Indian Revenue Service. This is her third attempt at the IAS examination. She will start training for the post of an IAS officer shortly.

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

 Mona Pruthi says, Hi I am Mona Pruthi

sai asked, civil service is no longer the first option of the best and the brightest/perception is taht almost all are corrupt ur reaction pl

Mona Pruthi answers, 
The importance of civil service will always remain. It is a wrong assumption that everyone is corrupt. Lots of good work is being done in the government also.

sanjeev asked, CONGRATULAtions........ What is the secret of ur success.

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Lots of blessings, God's grace and strategic hard work.  

Khokon asked, Hi Mona. Hearty congratualtions for topping the country's most coveted service. Did you attend any coaching class to improve your chances, after all it is fairly OK to that. Regards, smj009@rediffmail.com

Mona Pruthi answers, 

anupam_srivastava@rediffmail.com asked, what should be the exact age or class when one decides this goal

Mona Pruthi answers, 
About matriculation.  

Vishwa asked, Then wats your aim after winning that exam?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Do a lot of good and purposeful work.  

ganesh asked, Hi Mona, Congrats. Tell me how to manage time in those exams?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Have a time-table. Cover all areas simultaneaously.  

gooddude asked, Hello Mona for your success. My question is that how many marks you have you got in graduation? what are your main subjects.

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Sociology and English Literature.

Jagvir asked, hi mona, pls tell how many hrs per day are enough for preparation

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Eight hours.

sastry asked, is there any person behind u to get this success

Mona Pruthi answers, 
My father, late NL Pruthi.

Rajshar asked, Anytime did u feel lack of confidence?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Never. Confidence clinches this exam.

prashant_k_001 asked, congrats for topping , but why not to choose IPS,

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Preferred IAS as it has a very broad and general orientation. IPS is a great service though.

SibiDelhi asked, What you have to say about the double standard in the Education System in India? What steps will you take to correct that, if you get an opportunity?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Would you clarify double standards?

Kopal asked, I am doing my graduation in Geography honours from Pune Universty, will sit for the IAS exam in 2008...do you think this is a good subject for the preliminaries & main?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Good and scoring.  

mads asked, Hi, as this was your 3rd attempt, how did u manage to keep patience?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Patience is part of the testing strategy of UPSC.  

dilipchakma@rediffmail.com asked, Congrats, Mona. I am from the National Law School and I also aspire to be in the civil services. Is it confidence and self believe that matter the most(given that u topped without joining any institute)? what is it that attracted you to the civil services and that you have made it, what would be your first of all priorities?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
YES plus hard work. This service allows one to change things in 100s of ways. Get myself trained well.

amitgheji asked, Mona, Why did you want to be an IAS? It doesn't pay all that well, unless you earn under the table. It gives great perks, but they dissapear post retirement. Involves transfers to unknown places (specially for a single woman). Why all this over a software engineer or a doctor or an MBA? You can be frank and tell us if its perks or even under-the-table earnings that attract...

Mona Pruthi answers, 
All these stakes are well taken to give back to society what we got from it. One has to be prepared for frequent transfers. The good thing about that being that one gets to know the problems of places whose names also were unheard of.

amitjohar asked, Heartiest congratulation.. U cannot change the system since it governs u.. How will u stand if u are being posted in bihar. where there are lots of issues & problems related to terror, politics & violence

Mona Pruthi answers, 
The best way to change a system is to be situated within it. Bihar also offers lots of opportunities to bring about substantial change.

executioner asked, MONA WILL YOU MARRY ME?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Buzz off!

Ashu asked, Mam whats ur opinion which is more lucrative IIM or UPSC as a career

Mona Pruthi answers, 
IIM is lucrative. UPSC is service of the government.

raj1shekhar asked, Congrats mona, do you really belive that luck plays an important role in going to the top? And most importantly how do u define luck?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
Lady luck smiles only when you work hard. Luck may knock at your door but you have to get up and open the door.

Gnanes asked, am an architect-urban planner, planning to appear UPSC in 2007...please advice me whe mains and optionals i could take up?

Mona Pruthi answers, 
You can take geography and sociology/ psychology.  

AshishKumar asked, Will it be correct to go for prep after M.Sc.

Mona Pruthi answers, 
No probs. Go ahead.

atul.sondhi asked, Are you the eldest among brothers or sisters?

Mona Pruthi answers, Youngest.

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