(News) UPSC Mains Examination surprises for many aspirants

UPSC Mains Examination surprises for many aspirants

The civil services (mains) examination, which began on Friday contained a few surprises for many aspirants, especially those with a rural background. They found they had to answer more short essay-type questions (12 marks each) in the general studies section than before.

Each year, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has been changing the pattern of the question papers splitting the total marks of the general studies section into small, medium and long type answers. This, coaching institutes say, is to weed out the non-serious aspirants.

The number of aspirants has been increasing each year. In 2002, the number of vacancies announced by the UPSC was 282. This year it is around 1,000. Aspirants too had become adept at understanding the pattern through intense coaching provided by institutes and also by studying previous years' papers. "The increasing number of aspirants and the growing number of coaching institutes to assist them make the job of UPSC. So, it uses the unpredictability' factor in its examinations," said ACR Sudaroli of PL Raj Memorial Study Circle in Anna Nagar.

Unlike their counterparts in cities, who have access to coaching institutes and well-equipped libraries, candidates from rural areas are not familiar with these changes. [..]

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