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The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Study Material for IAS Exam

:: Physics ::

Sr. Secondary:

Module 1: Motion, Force and Energy

  1. Units, Dimensions and Vectors
  2. Motion in a Straight Line 
  3. Laws of Motion
  4. Motion in a Plane
  5. Gravitation
  6. Work, Energy and Power
  7. Motion of a Rigid Body

Module 2: Mechanics of Solids and Fluids

  1. Elastic Properties of Solids
  2. Properties of Fluids

Module 3: Thermal Physics

  1. Kinetic Theory of Gases
  2. Thermodynamics
  3. Heat Transfer and Solar Energy

Module 4: Oscillations and Waves

  1. Simple Harmonic Motion
  2. Wave Phenomena

Module 5: Electricity and Magnetism

  1. Electric Charge and Electric Field
  2. Electric Potential and Capacitors
  3. Electric Current
  4. Magnetism and Magnetic Effect of Electric Current
  5. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current

Module 6: Optics and Optical Instruments

  1. Reflection and Refraction of Light
  2. Dispersion and Scattering of light
  3. Wave Phenomena and Light
  4. Optical Instruments

Module 7: Atoms and Nuclei

  1. Structure of Atom 
  2. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
  3. Nuclei and Radioactivity
  4. Nuclear Fission and Fusion

Module 8: Atoms and Nuclei

  1. Semiconductors and Semiconducting Devices
  2. Applications of Semiconductor Devices
  3. Communication Systems


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