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Content of Medieval Indian History

Chronology of Events in Medieval India With MCQs

North India between 750-1200 With MCQs

The Sultans of Delhi With MCQs

The Mughal Kings With MCQs

The Marathas With MCQs

Vijayanagar Empire With MCQs

The Saints of Medieval India With MCQs


i have been following this portal regularly.and it is very helpful.as per the refrence books in ur strategy im going through all the ncert.im also solving MCQ.im thankfull to you for helping students like me. the problem im encountering right now is that this content of medievel history is not opening, when i press the "click here' tab im coming on the same page. also im getting the same problem when im clicking ancient history and also for environment topic.the message they are displaying is "register now" whereas i have already registered and even logged in. could you please tell me as to what is going wrong?