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Modern Indian History
1937 : Election Results (MCQ -12)

1 Which of the organisation sujpported the British Govt. during Quit India Movement?
(a) Hindu Mahasabha
(b) Muslim League
(c) Communist Party of India
(d) Krishak Praja Party

2 Consider the following statements.
(i) Abdul Kalam Azad and Abdul Gaffar Khan went to Shimla as a congress delegate
(ii) In the Shimla Conference, the Muslim League demanded a communal vote by asking for a two-third Majority in the proposed council on any decision opposed by the  Muslim Members
(iii) In shimla conference, the Muslim leagur wanted to be the sole spokesman of Indian Muslims.

(a) (i) & (ii) are correct
(b) All the above are correct
(c) (ii) & (iii) are correct
(d) None of the above

3 Consider the following:-
1. Muslim League announced the Direct Action Day on 16 Aug 1946.
2. Muslim League began a civil disobedience companign in Punjab to bring donwn the cealition Govt. headed by Khizr Kayat Khan of Unionist Party.
3. Muslim League elected a Noval Central committee headed by M.S. Khan

(a) Only 3 is correct
(b) All the above are correct
(c) Only 1 & 2 are correct
(d) None of the abovez

4. Consider the following:-
1. Mountbatter supported the congress stand that the princiely states must not be given the option of independence
2. Viceroy Wavell effered a set of proposals to the congress for securing its cooperation the “August offer”
3. Disillusiuned with the August offer the congress decided to launch Individual Satyagraha

(a) All the above are true
(b) Only 1 & 3 are true
(c) Only 2 is true
(d) None of the above

5. Consider the following
1. The congress working committee which at wardha ralified the wardha Resolution.
2. The first step taken by the Atlee Govt. was to hold General elections in India, which had been held last 1936.
3. The Essence of wavell plan was the formation of a new executive council at the centre, in which all but the viceroy and the commandeering- chief would be Indians

(a) None of the above is correct
(b) Only 2 is correct
(c) 1 & 3 are correct
(d) All of the above are correct