(IGP) IAS Pre: GS - Indian History - Modern Indian History: 1937 : Titles of Some Important Leaders (MCQ -13)

Modern Indian History
Titles of Some Important Leaders (MCQ -13)

1. Who among the following was popularly Known as Prince of Medieval Travelles
(a) Nicolo Couti
(b) Durate Barbosa
(c) Marco Polo
(d) Ralph Fitch

2. Who is the author of Book called Rehla?
(a) IBN Batuta
(b) Al-Masudi
(c) Abdur Razzaq
(d) Jahangir

3. Who among the following travellers was popularly Known as the ‘Prima of Pilgrims’
(a) Fa-Hiru
(b) I-Ising
(c) Huen Isang
(d) Hwili

4. Who was the earliest visitor to the vijaynagar Empire?
(a) Abdur Razsaq
(b) Domingo Peas
(c) Rennow Nuviz
(d) Nicolo conti

5. Who wrote the book ‘A voyage to the East Indies’.
(a) William Hawkins
(b) Nicalao Manicci
(c) Sir Thomas Roc
(d) Ralph Fiteh