(IGP) IAS Pre: GS - Indian Polity - The Constitution of India: Finance, Property, Contracts & Suits (MCQ -13)

Indian Polity
Finance, Property, Contracts & Suits (MCQ -13)

1. The central government's exclusive powers are enumerated in the
a) Concurrent List
b) Federal List
c) State List
d) Union List

2. Which of the following is regarded as an essential function of the state
a) Run schools for education
b) Maintain good roads
c) Prevent diseases
d) to provide defense against external attacks

3. In addition to the powers given in the union and concurrent list, the union government has the
a) None of these
b) residuary powers
c) federal powers
d) power to legislate in state list

4. Which of the following is true in respect to centre- state financial relations
a) States can claim 100 percent share in excise duty on goods produced in the state.
b) states cannot levy income - tax.
c) amount given by centre is the only source of income to states
d) states can by-pass center while taking foreign loans.

5. Which of the following taxes is levied by the state government only ?
a) entertainment tax
b) corporation tax
c) wealth tax
d) income tax