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Indian Polity
The Municipalities (MCQ -11)

1. Which of the following are correct According to Article 243Q there will be
a) Nagar Panchayat (by whatever name called) for a transitional area, that is to say, an area in transition from a rural area to an urban area;
b) Municipal Council for a smaller urban area
c) Municipal Corporation for a larger urban area

a) A,b
b) B,c
c) All of the above
d) None

2. The Municipalities get their grants from the
a) Consolidated fund of India
b) Consolidated fund of the state
c) Contingency fund of India

3. Which of the following articles are related to the Elections of Municipalities
a) 243Z
b) 243ZA
c) 243ZB

4. Which of the following articles are related to Metropolitan planning
a) 243ZE
b) 243Z
c) 243zb

5. Which of the following are the features of the 74th amendment act onmunicipalities
1) Reservation of seats for SCS/STS in proportion of their population
2) Mandatory periodic elections every 5 years
3) Constitution for Nagar panchayat for smaller urban area

a) 1, 2
b) 2, 3
c) None
d) 1, 3