(IGP) IAS Pre: GS - Indian Polity - The Constitution of India: The States (MCQ -8)

Indian Polity
The States (MCQ -8)

1. The executive of the state is headed by
a) The governor
b) The chief minster
c) The state cabinet
d) The state legislative council

2. The governor of the state is appointed by
a) The president on the recommendation of the chief minister
b) The president and the central council of Ministers
c) The president
d) The prime minister

3. A governor can issue an ordinance
a) Whenever he likes
b) Whenever the chief minister advises him
c) Whenever the state legislature is not in session and the government is satisfied that immediate action is needed
d) When the union government tells him to do so

4. The ordinances promulgated by the governor are subject to the approval of the
a) President
b) State Legislature
c) Vice president
d) Prime Minister

5. When can the Presidents rule be imposed in a state
a) If no stable government can be formed
b) If the cabinet has lost majority and no other ministry commanding a majority in the assembly can be formed at once
c) If the state does not obey they directives given by the union
d) All of the above