(IGP) IAS Pre Paper - 2: GS - Basic Numeracy - Average (MCQ -5)

Basic Numeracy
Average (MCQ -5)

1. The average weight of 8 persons increases by 2.5 kg when a new person comes in place of one of them weighing 65 kg. What might be the weight of the new person?
(a) 82 kg
(b) 85 kg
(c) 76.5 kg
(d) 80 kg

2. Sumitra has an average of 56% on her first 7 examinations.Howmuch she should make on her eighth examination to obtain an average of 60% on 8 examinations?
(a) 88%
(b) 78%
(c) 92%
(d) 68%

3. Ages of ‘A’ and ‘B’ are in the ratio of 2 : 3 respectively. Six years hence the ratio of their ages will become 8 : 11 respectively.What is B’s present age?
(a) 18 years
(b) 28 years
(c) 27 years
(d) 25 years

4. The total age of A and B is 12 years more than that of total age of B and C. C is how many years younger than A?
(a) Cis elder than A
(b) 26
(c) 12
(d) 25

5. The average marks fetched by Mohan in History, Geography, Science and Mathematics is 10 more than the marks fetched inMathematics. If he has got 110 marks aggregate in History and Geography, what will be the aggregate marks fetched in Science and Mathematics?
(a) 90
(b) 70
(c) 75
(d) 85

6. The average of first three of five odd numbers arranged in ascending order is 10 less than the average of the last three of these numbers. If the sum of the last two of these numbers is 42, what is the sum of the first two of these numbers?
(a) 23
(b) 18
(c) 16
(d) can’t be determined

7. Jayesh is twice as old as Vijay and half as old as Suresh. If sum of Suresh’s and Vijay’s ages is 85 years what is Jayesh’s age in years?
(a) 34
(b) 39
(c) 68
(d) 35

8. Six years ago Jaganath was twice as old as Badri if the ratio of their present age is 9 : 5 respectively, what is the difference between their present ages?
(a) 24
(b) 30
(c) 52
(d) 27

9. Jitu scores 60, 80, 40, 50 and 90 per cent marks in the subjects A, B, C, D and E respectively. However, the weights attached to those subjects are 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 respectively. Which of the following represents the weighted average of marks scored by Jitu in these five subjects
(a) 75
(b) 78
(c) 62
(d) 79

10. Jayesh is asmuch younger than Anil as he is older than Prashant. If the sum of the ages of Anil and Prashant is 48 years, what is Jayesh’s age in years?
(a) 29
(b) 30
(c) 24
(d) 25

11. The average weight of a group of 150 students in a class is 60 kg. If the mean of weights of all the 50 male students in the class is 70 kg, then the average weight of 100 girls in the class is:
(a) 85 kg
(b) 40 kg
(c) 60 kg
(d) 55 kg

12. In a journey of 160 km, a train covers the distance 120 km at a speed of 80 km/h and the remaining distance at 40 km/h. The average speed of the train for the whole journey is:
(a) 50 km/h
(b) 64 km/h
(c) 68 km/h
(d) 74 km/h

13. The average of 10 numbers is 7. If each number is multiplied by 12, then the average of new set of numbers is
(a) 72
(b) 86
(c) 79
(d) 84

14. A batsman has a certain average of runs for 16 innings. In the 17th innings, he makes a score of 85 runs, thereby increasing his average by 3. What is the average after the 17th innings?
(a) 60
(b) 37
(c) 38
(d) 27

15. In Aran’s opinion his weight is greater than 65 kg but less than 72 kg. His brother does not agree with Arun and he thinks that Aran’s weight is greater than 60 kg but less than 70 kg. His mother’s view is that his weight cannot be greater than 68 kg. If all of them are correct in their estimation, what is the average of different probable weights of Arun?
(a) 71 kg
(b) 67 kg
(c) 73 kg
(d) 58 kg

16. The ratio between the present ages of M and N is 5 : 3 respectively. The ratio between M’s age 4 years ago and N’s age after 4 years is 1 : 1. What is the ratio between M’s age after 4 years and N’s age 4 years ago?
(a) 6 : 1
(b) 3 : 1
(c) 4 : 1
(d) 4 : 5

17. In 1919, W. Rhodes, the Yorkshire cricketer, scored 891 runs for his country at an average of 34.27; in 1920, he scored 949 runs at an average of 28.75; in 1921, 1329 runs at an average of 42.87 and in 1922, 1101 runs at an average of 36.70. What was his batting average for the four years?
(a) 37.25
(b) 36.92
(c) 35.58
(d) 28.72

18. In hotel Jaysarmin, the rooms are numbered from 101 to 130 on-the first floor, 221 to 260 on the second floor and 306 to 345 on the third floor. In the month of June 2002, the room occupancy was 60% on the first floor, 40% on the second floor and 75% on the third floor. If it is also known that the room charges are Rs. 200, Rs. 100 and Rs. 150 on each of the floors, then find the average income per room for the month of June 2002:
(a) Rs. 150.3
(b) Rs. 88.18
(c) Rs. 78.3
(d) Rs. 70.9

19. A salesman gets a bonus according to the following structure:
If he sells articles worth Rs. x then he gets bonus of Rs. (x/100 – 1). In the month of January, his sales value was Rs. 100, in February it was Rs. 200, from March to November it was Rs. 300 for every month and in December it was Rs. 1200. Apart from this, he also receives a basic salary of Rs. 30 per month from his employer. Find his average income per month during the year.
(a) Rs. 35.78
(b) Rs. 30.26
(c) Rs. 32.58
(d) Rs. 38.88

20. The weight of a body as calculated by the average of 7 different experiments is 53.735 g. The average of the first three experiments is 54.005 g, of the fourth is 0.004 g greater than the fifth, while the average of the sixth and seventh experiment was 0.010 g less than the average of the first three. Find the weight of the body obtained by the fourth experiment.
(a) 49.353 g
(b) 51.718 g
(c) 53.342 g
(d) 54.512 g