(IGP) IAS Pre Paper - 2: GS - English Language & Comprehension Skills - Synonyms & Antonyms (MCQ -4)

English Language & Comprehension Skills
Synonyms & Antonyms (MCQ -4)

Directions (Q. No. 1-20): In this section you find a number of sentences, parts of which are bold. For each bold part, four or fivewords/phrases are listed below. Choose theword/phrase nearest in meaning to the bold part.

1. Indians are likely to be parochial.
(a) Generous
(b) Narrow-minded.
(c) Brave
(d) Short-sighted

2. I was discomfited to find the boss in the disco.
(a) irritated
(b) uncomfortable
(c) embarrassed
(d) displeased

3. He spent most of his years debunking politicians.
(a) Exposing
(b) Cheating
(c) Threatening
(d) Pacifying

4. We arrived safely at the quay and went ashore.
(a) Peninsula
(b) Wharf
(c) Target
(d) Island

5. Editors are known to be pernickety about grammar.
(a) Spiteful
(b) Careless
(c) Fussy
(d) Ignorant

6. I rather like the quaint little house at the end of the street.
(a) Old
(b) Quiet
(c) Haunted
(d) Unusual

7. Many of the students at the high school thought the computer club was for nerds.
(a) Dull persons
(b) Pranksters
(c) Experts
(d) Cheaters

8. The football coach had a sympathetic presence, albeit a xommanding one.
(a) Although
(b) Further more
(c) Because
(d) Not only

9. Some people believe that the world war is imminent.
(a) possible
(b) Impending
(c) Likely
(d) Certain

10. There were intermittent power cuts in the city and its suburbs on Sunday.
(a) Prolonged
(b) Incoherent
(c) Sporadic
(d) Intervening

11. I told him that the speaker was a very erudite person.
(a) Boaring
(b) Pleasant
(c) Learned
(d) Demanding

12. The airport authorities have seized a large consignment of drugs.
(a) Destroyed
(b) Confiscated
(c) Grasped
(d) Stopped

13. I have serious misgivings about taking up this job.
(a) Doubts
(b) Objections
(c) Fears
(d) Difficulties

14. The financial crisis caused the fall of the government.
(a) Brought about
(b) Brought forward
(c) Brought down
(d) Brought over

15. The NRIs who are eager to invest in India are discouraged by the archaic rules and procedures.
(a) Earlier
(b) Outdated
(c) Complex
(d) Ancient

16. The chief engineer was irritated by their perpetual complaints.
(a) Trivial
(b) Eternal
(c) Baseless
(d) Repeated

17. They are carrying out a charade of negotiations with the government.
(a) Series
(b) Charter
(c) Absurd pretence
(d) Spate

18. The individual's freedom is circumscribed by his responsibility to others.
(a) Limited
(b) Entangled
(c) Destroyed
(d) Eroded

19. The engine has been subjected to exhaustive tests.
(a) Complicated
(b) Thorough
(c) Exclusive
(d) Compulsory

20. The guests were offended by his uncouth behavior.
(a) Snobbish
(b) Unnatural
(c) Unconventional
(d) Ungracious