(IGP) IAS Pre: GS - Paper 2 - Interpersonal Skill - Interpersonal & Communication Skills (MCQ -2)

Interpersonal &
Communication Skills

1. To communicate easily and effectively with your readers, how many number of principles communication are applied
(a) Nine
(b) Seven
(c) Eleven
(d) Six

2. A letter that completes a valid contract between a buyer and a seller is called.
(a) An order letter
(b) An acknowledgment letter
(c) An inquiry
(d) A sales letter

3. In order to understand verbal and nonverbal communication which of the following things should we do ?
(a) Accept cultural differences
(b) Studying your own culture
(c) Learn about other cultures
(d) All of the above

4. It refers to the behavioral characteristic, typical of a group, it can be defined as all the ways of life including arts, beliefs and institutions of a population that are passed down from generation to generation. Match this statement with one of the following concepts
(a) Culture
(b) Communication
(c) Social lag
(d) Norms

5. They maintain friendly, pleasant relations with you, regardless, whether you agree with them or not. Good communicators command your respond and goodwill. You are willing to work with them again, despite their differences.

Match the above statement with one of the followings:
(a) Precision
(b) Credibility
(c) Control
(d) Congeniality

6. When the company thinks your audience will be interested in what you have to say or willing to cooperate, it usually opts for
(a) Indirect approach
(b) Direct approach
(c) Neutral approach
(d) Modern approach

7. AIDA plan stands for
(a) Attention, interest, Desire, Action
(b) Authority, Interest, Disclose,
(c) Accuracy Accuracy, Internal Diction.
(d) Attention Action, Interest, Desire, Authority

8. Leadership roles first emerge in which of the following kinds of communication ?
(a) interpersonal communication
(b) small group communication
(c) face-to-face public communication
(d) media-like cell phones and instant messenger

9. Another name for interpersonal communication is:
(a) mass communication
(b) face to face public communication
(c) dyadic communication
(d) virtual reality

10. When your text says that interpersonal communication can be thought of as a constellation of behaviors, it means that
(a) It is important to understand the joint actions people perform when they are together,
(b) It is important to understand how people label and evaluate relationships.
(c) It is important to understand the opposing forces that pull communicators in different directions.
(d) None of the above; interpersonal communication is not a constellation of behaviors.