(IGP) IAS Pre Paper - 2: GS - Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability - Situation Reaction Tests (MCQ -8)

Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability
Situation Reaction Tests (MCQ -8)

Directions (Q. Nos. 1 to 33): In the following questions consist four portable answers as an alternatives. You have to select most appropriate alternative as the answer.

1. “No risk no gain”, you
(a) feel that risk means no gain
(b) believe that this slogan is correct
(c) feel it is foolish to accept unnecessary risk
(d) feel that risk may be taken only after judging the situation throughly.

2. Your friends like smoking and influence you to do the same. You will
(a) smoke only because your friends are smoking
(b) refuse to smoke
(c) smoke but only in their presence
(d) refuse and lie to them that you have asthma

3. You have a new boss. You
(a) will be in different
(b) welcome him warmly
(c) go and flatter him as will help out in future
(d) have problems adjusting as you are still loyal to your old boss

4. You are getting late for your college and bus is not available. In such a situation
(a) you start walking
(b) you drop the idea of going to college that day and return home
(c) you think about other possible conveyance
(d) you wait patiently for the bus though you are late for the class

5. If you are HR Manager of XYZ company and there is only one vacancy. There are three candidates to the post, one out of them is your nephew. You would
(a) select your nephew though he is not eligible for the post
(b) select the candidate who is eligible for the post
(c) consult with senior what needs to be done
(d) tell the candidate that vacancy is already fulfilled

6. After having committed to your family that you would be taking them out on a vacation, you suddenly find yourself wanted in a boardmeeting which unfortunately clashes with the vacation.  What would you do?
(a) Assuming it to be urgent, start making necessary arrangement to ensure that the reason for the meeting is fulfilled, thus cancelling the vacation
(b) Find out what the urgent meeting is all about and make necessary arrangements and postpone your vacation
(c) Proceed with your vacation plans without making any arrangement
(d) Try and get out of that situation by asking your colleague to cover up for you.

7. Your college has organized a blood donation camp. You
(a) persuade your friends to donate
(b) donate your blood at the camp
(c) do not believe in donating blood and decide not to attend
(d) yourself do not believe in donating blood but ask other to do so

8. Your maid has invited you to her daughters wedding. You would
(a) completely ignore her
(b) attend the wedding
(c) buy a gift for her daughter
(d) congratulate her and make up some for not being able to attend.

9. When you see a blind man trying to cross the road. You
(a) ask someone to help him.
(b) go and help him
(c) wait till he crosses the road
(d) ignore and move in

10. If you are a manager and one of your employees is not working properly, as a manager you would
(a) fine him
(b) give the man two weeks to improve
(c) try to develop the man’s abilities and interest in another job
(d) talk to him and try to find out his problem

11. You are suffering from diabetes, when you see a whole lot of chocolates, you are tented to eat them. But you also realize that they are not good for you in the long run. What do you do?
(a) You would not eat them because you know the harmful effects
(b) You decide not to eat them but keep thinking about them
(c) You would eat thembut feel guilty about what you have done
(d) You would give into the temptation and eat the chocolates without being bothered about the consequences

12. You have four options of job. You would
(a) choose the higher salary
(b) choose the job where you can utilize your skills
(c) choose the one which gives you chance to go abroad
(d) choose the one which has surety that it cannot be snatched from you

13. Your boss has given you some urgent assignment at the end hour. What would you do?
(a) Try to finish the job as per its requirement
(b) Tell him that you would do it next day
(c) Request one of your colleagues to help you
(d) None of the above

14. You are a social worker. On visiting an orphanage, there is one child who is not ready to let you go away,
(a) you ignore the child because you have other kids to attend
(b) you leave with no concern
(c) you decide to visit him every Sunday
(d) you talk to the authorities and arrange for parents who can adopt him ,

15. After your graduation, you are offered a well paid government job. However, your friend says that you have to bribe to get the appointment order. You
(a) go to some influential politician who can help
(b) accept the job by paying the bribe, consoling yourself that this is the present social setup
(c) accept the job by paying the bribe, but firmly resolve that this is the last time you will pay bribe
(d) flatly refuse the offer

16. You
(a) get setup when others do not behave properly
(b) are at least interested about what others are thinking about you
(c) can keep your face smiling even when you are terribly disgusted
(d) feel that you should not conceal your attitude from others

17. If you find yourself in a situation where you are required to make a power-point presentation and you are already bogged down by too work, as the manager what would you do?
(a) Take an alternative mode of presentation
(b) Cancel the seminar and reschedule according to your convenience
(c) Pass the buck to your subordinate, you are the boss, no one can question you
(d) Prioritise your work and try to squeeze out time for it

18. You are alone in the house and your sister-in-law is suddenly experiencing labour pains, you
(a) would definitely get upset and do not know what is the right step
(b) go out of the house to call your family doctor
(c) walk her to the nearest hospital
(d) call an ambulance for emergency

19. When you get angry, you usually
(a) throw things
(b) withdraw yourself and start crying
(c) leave the situation and engage yourself in a different activity
(d) None of the above

20. While traveling in your car, certain persons stop you on the way asking you to take an injured child to the hospital. You would
(a) ask them to leave your way and then drive away
(b) ask them to first call the police
(c) immediate take the child to hospital
(d) get out of the car and ask some other person to help them