(IGP) IAS Pre Paper - 2: GS - Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability - Statement & Courses of Action (MCQ -3)

Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability
Statement & Courses of Action (MCQ -3)


Directions (Q. Nos. 1 to 19) In each of the questions below is given a Statement followed by two courses of action. Course of action is a step for administrative decision to be taken for improvement, follow up or further action in regard to the problem, policy etc. On the basis of the information given in Statement, you have to assume everything in the Statement to be true, then decide which of the given suggested courses of action is/are logically worth pursuing.

Give your answer as
(a) If only I follows
(b) If only lI follows
(c) If neither I nor II follows
(d) If both I and II follow

1. Statement: A recent study show that children below five die in the cities of the developing countries mainly from diarrhoea and parasitic intestinal worms. Courses of Action
Government of the developing countries should take adequate measure to improve the hygienic condition in the cities.
II. Children below five year in the of the developing countries need to kept under constant medication.

2. Statement: Air export volumes have increase substantially over the post decade causing be clogs and difficulties for air cargo agents because of increased demand for space and services. Courses of Action
Airlines and air cargo agents should jointly work out a solution a combat the problem.
II. The reasons for the increase in the volume of air export should we found out.

3. Statement: There has been significant drop in the water level of all the lakes supplying water to the city.
Courses of Action:
I. The water supply authority should ampose a partial cut in supply to tackle the situation.
II. The government should appeal to all residents through mass media for minimal use of water.

4. Statement: On an average, about twenty peoples are run over by trains and dies everyday while crossing the railway track through the level crossing.
Courses and Action
The railway authorities should be instructed to close all the level crossings.
II. Those who are found crossing the tracks when gates are closed should we fined heavily.

5. Statement: The state Government has decided to declare “KalaAzar” as a modifiable disease under the Epidemics Act, 1978. Family members or neighbours of the patient are liable to be punished in case they do not inform the state authorities.
Courses of Action:
Efforts should be made to effectively implement the Act.
II. The cases of punishment should we propagated through mass media so that more people become aware of the stern action.

6. Statement: The world conference of “Education For All” took place in 1990.Memberswho attended conference endorsed the frame work of action for meeting the basic learning needs of all children.
Courses of Action:

I. India should suitably implement the action point of this conference.
II. India should also immediately organize this type of conference.

7. Statement: About 30% to 40% of children who are enrolled, do not attend the school on any given way.
Courses of Action:

I. More schools should be started.
II. Reasons for this absenteeism should we found out.

8. Statement: There is substantial increase in the number of accident causing deaths and serue due to malfunctioning of the traffic signals.
Courses of Action:
The traffic police should immediately post traffic personally at the junction.
II. The signal system is not good.

9. Statement :Asmany as ten coaches of a passenger train have derailed and blocked both pairs of the railway tracks.
Courses of Action:
The railway authorities should immediately send men and equipment to the spot to clear the railway tracks.
II. All the trains running in both the directions should we diverted to other routes.

10. Statement: A Group of school students was reported to be enjoying at a picnic spot during school hours.
Courses of Action

I. The principal should contact the parent of those students and tell them about the incident with a real warning for the future.
II. Some disciplinary action must be taken again those student and all other students should be made aware of it.

11. Statement: Although the Indian economy is still heavily dependent on agricultural, its share in global agriculture trade is less than the share  of agricultural exports to total exports.
Courses of Action:

I. Efforts should be made to increase our agricultural introduction.
II. The exports of non-agricultural commodities should be reduced.

12. Statement: Huge amount of resources are required to develop tourist places in a country like India, which is endowed with vast coastlines, rulers, forests, temples etc.
Courses of Action:
More tourist resorts along the coastlines only should be started.
II. The tourist potential of India a should be exploited.

13. Statement: Employees of all the Govt. organization and public sector undertakings in the country went on a day’s strike protesting against the process of privatization of Govt. run public sector undertakings which has resulted into loss to exchequer worth crores of rupees.
Courses of Action:
All those employees who remained absent from work should be suspended.
II. The Govt. should put on hold the process of privatization of Govt. run public sector undertaking.

14. Statement: Most of roads in the city had become unmemorable due to the rains in the monsoon.
Courses of Action

I. The civic authority initiate an enquiry to find out the factors responsible for worsening road condition.
II. The civic authority should initiate an enquiry find out the factor responsible for maintaining good condition of the city roads.

15. Statement: There has been an unprecedented increase in the number of students applying for admission of first std. in a local school making it difficult for the school authority to convince the parents of rejected applicants.
Courses of Action:

I. The school authority should immediately put in place objective criteria for admitting students to select the required number.
II. The schools authority should open another school in the area to accommodate the remaining students.

16. Statement: The apex court has directed that there is a need to bring in mechanism in the Government function to make it transparent.
Courses of Action:
The Government should immediately appoint a task force to work out the modalities.
II. The Government should appeal to the apex court to reconsider its directive.

17. Statement: Courts take too long in deciding important disputes of various departments.
Courses of Action:
Courts should be ordered to speed up matters.
II. Special powers should be granted to officers to settle disputes concerning their department.

18. Statement: The committee has criticised the institute for its failure to implement a dozen of regular programmer despite an increase in the staff strength and not drawing up a firm action plan for studies and research.
Courses of Action:

I. The broad objectives of the institute should be redefined to implement a practical action plan.
II. The institute should give a report on reasons for not having implemented the planned programmes.

19. Statement: Footpaths of a busy road are crowded with vendors selling cheap items.
Courses of Action:
The help of police should be sought to drive them away.
II. Some space should be provided to them where they can earn their bread without blocking footpaths.