(IGP) CSAT Paper - II : Strategy for Decision Making & Problem Solving

Strategy for Decision Making and Problem Solving

Although Decision making and Problem Solving section had less contribution in question paper but there is difference, the questions asked in this section had no penalty for wrong answer. All questions are purely application based. For example "You are officer in charge for providing medical facilities to the survivors of an earthquakes affected area. Despite your best possible effort, people put allegations against making money out of the funds given for relief. You would………”. Student must attempt this section it is quite scoring and the nature of questions is also practical, one must have experience the given situation at one or another moment. Here again paper one will help you out as the questions being asked is socio-economic-political in nature. In administration Decision making is a process of first diverging to explore the possibilities and then converging on solution. One of the touchstones of Decision making is its successful implementation. There is no virtue in merely taking quick decisions. What matters is whether the decision is implemented or not. It is also necessary that your course of action must figure out the situation well. There are books available in the market but as far as I am concern this books won’t help in your preparation, this section have to develop by yourself. Search Techniques of Decision making and Techniques of Problem Solving in Google and Wikipedia and read some 30-50 pages on them. You can also read chapters like Decision making from Robbins, Koontz Weirich to have theoretical knowledge.