(Paper) Budget Viva Questions from sriram's ias by sriram srirangam:

Budget Viva Questions from sriram's ias by sriram srirangam:

   Annual Financial Statement

1. What is budget?

2. Is the budget important any more?

3. Why not just put it up on the net?Why make an event out of it?

4. Two reasons why budget is important?

5. What did you like in the budget this year?

6. Tell me about FD? RD?

7. Is the RD on target?

8. Why not make the FD also 0?

9. What is the value of our GDP today?

10. What is negative primary deficit?

11. Why is the budget introduced in the Lok Sabha?

12. What happened to disinvestment?

13. inflationary budget?

14. Politicising aam admi?

15. Anything for aam admi?

16. mention one populist measure

17. forward trading in rice and wheat banned . Can we establish a link between forward trading and inflation? Knee jerk reaction?

18. What is the difference between forwards and futures?

19. Committees that found mention in the FM speech.

20. Budget is made to push the stock market up or down?

21. Second generation reforms in the budget?

22. Why is the Government not disinvesting? Any strategic shift ?

23. Some tax reforms in the budget?

24. Can the RBI do any thing about inflation?

25. Something for seniors in the budget.

26. Tell me about reverse mortgage.

27. What is the criticism about FRBM targets?

28. RBI’s policies against inflation- barking the wrong tree?

29. Outcome budget and performance budget?