(Paper) Important Topics for Interview Preparation (IAS)

Important Topics 
For Interview Preparation (IAS)


1. The political crisis in Pakistan, the repurcursions.

2. The young guns of Cricket.. Your comments on newly formed ICL. India new foreign cricket coach.

3. Sez’s - some governments like orissa and west bengal are facing a lot of problems. What should the government do?

4. Is the Judiciary behaving like god and at times epitomes of corruption - the supreme court ruling recently scolded its judges for acting like god. The BMW case and the involvement of Judge Sharma a case in point.

5. The Nuke deal - USA, BJP and Left

6. Farmer Suicides

7. The sensex and its growth - Is India really moving ahead ? The rupee gain

8. Urban growth towards rural land.


Courtesy : IAS Papers