(Paper)Â Sample Paper Of Examination For Forest Guard (Kerala PSC) Part - 2

 Sample Paper Of 
Examination For  Forest Guard Part - 2

(Kerala PSC)

Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Maximum marks : 100 marks

1 Who is the recipient of the Gyanpeeth award for 2003?
(a) U.R. Ananthamoorthy (b) Thara Shankar Banerji (c) Vinda Karandikar (d) Arundhati Roy

2 Central Food Technological Institute is at:
(a) Pune (b) Dehra Dun (c) New Delhi (d) Mysore

3 'Straight from the heart' is the autobiography of:
(a) Mulk Raj Anand (b) Kapil Dev (c) Christian Bernard (d) M.S. Swaminathan

4 New York City is on the banks of the river:
(a) Danube (b) Delaware (c) Hudson (d) Tagus

5 A diseases caused by a virus
(a) Rabies (b) Cholera (c) Typhoid (d) Malaria

6 How many vertebrae are there in a giraffe's neck?
(a) 23 (b) 26 (c) 7 (d) 11

7 The wall of a plant cell is made of
(a) Cellulose (b) Calcium phosphate (c) Protein (d) Starch

8 The pen name of M.P. Bhattathirippad is
(a) Uroob (b) Vilasini (c) Mali (d) Premji

9 The first Keralite actor to win the 'Bharath award'
(a) Satyan (b) Prem Nazeer (c) Bharath Gopi (d) P.J. Antony

10 The year in which Gandhiji visited Kerala for the first time
(a) 1930 (b) 1920 (c) 1942 (d) 1912

11 Who is the founder of the Khilji dynasty
(a) Jalaludheen Khilji (b) Alavudheen Khilji (c) Mohamed Bin Thuglak (d) Aurangazeb

12 When did television transmission begin in India?
(a) 1960 (b) 1965 (c) 1959 (d) 1982

13 The first battle of Panipat was in
(a) 1526 (b) 1556 (c) 1615 (d) 1661

14 Uttarayan is
(a) The house of Tagore inside Viswa Bharathi University (b) The official residence of the Chief Minister of U.P
(c) The official residence of the Chief Minister of Utharancha (d) U.P. Government's liaison office in Delhi

15 Who was the first woman Governor of Kerala?
(a) Ram Dulari Sinha (b) Jyothi Venkitachalam (c) Padmaja Naidu (d) Sharada Mukherjee

16 Where is Ramoji film city situated?
(a) Chennai (b) Vijayawada (c) Hyderabad (d) Mumbai

17 E.M.S. Namboodiripad took charge as the first Chief Minister of Kerala on
(a) 1956 November 1 (b) 1957 April 5 (c) 1956 December 20 (d) 1957 November 1

18 BARC is connected with
(a) Road construction (b) Agricultural research (c) Atomic research (d)Rural development

19 Kerala Kala Mandalam was established by
(a) Kumaranasan (b) Mrinalini Sarabahai (c) Ezhuthachan (d) Vallathol

20 Which of the following Kerala rivers flows towards east?
(a) Valapattanam (b) Chandragiri (c) Bhavani (d) Pampa

21 India Gate was earlier known as
(a) Gateway of India (b) All India war Memorial (c) Delhi Gate (d) National Memorial

22 The word Tsunami in Japanese language means
(a) Killer waves (b) Harbour waves (c) Sea mountains (d) Giant waves

23 Vitamin B is also known as
(a) Retinol (b) Ascorbic acid (c) Riboflavin (d) Thiamin

24 Which of the following liquids has the highest viscosity?
(a) Water (b) Kerosene (c) Petrol (d) Honey

25 Light year is
(a) The time taken by Sun's rays to reach the earth (b) The time taken by light rays from the Moon to reach the Earth
(c) The year in which February has only 28 days (d) The distance travelled by light in one year

26 Deuterium is an _____ of Hydrogen
(a) Isobar (b) Isotope (c) Isomer (d) Isotone

27 The capital of Nigeria is
(a) Lagos (b) Kano (c) Abuja (d) Maputo

28 The currency of which of the following countries is not Euro?
(a) Italy (b) Monaco (c) Finland (d) Hungary

29 Mesopotamia is now known as
(a) Iraq (b) Iran (c) Jordan (d) Egypt

30 Which of the following is not a musical instrument
(a) Clarinet (b) Cymbals (c) Harp (d) Masque

31 The secretary General of the Lok Sabha is appointed by
(a) The president (b) The prime Minister (c) The vice president (d) The Speaker of the Lok Sabha

32 The number of Rajya Sabha seats from Kerala is
(a) 9 (b) 10 (c) 7 (d) 20

33 Rearranging electoral constituencies in a way that gives advantage to a particular political party is
(a) Gerrymandering (b) Floor crossing (c) Filibustering (d) Lynching

34 The author of 'Snakes and Ladders' is
(a) Anita Nair (b) Taslima Nasrin (c) Arundhati Roy (d) Gita Mehta

35 The Red Fort in Delhi was built by
(a) Mohamed Gazni (b) Shajahan (c) Akbar (d) Aurangaseb

36 The first Indian Prime Minister to lose a vote of confidence
(a) Indira Gandhi (b) Morarji Desai (c) V.P. Singh (d) Deva Gowda

37 Saif Ali Khan was awarded the Best Actor Award for 2004 for his role in the film
(a) Hum Tum (b) Page 3 (c) Swades (d) Hasina

38 The first Indian satellite 'Aryabhata' was launched in the year
(a) 1963 (b) 1975 (c) 1969 (d) 1971

39 During Lunar eclipse
(a) The earth is in between the Sun and the Moon (b) The Moon is in between the Sun and the Earth
(c) The sun is between the Earth and the Moon (d) The Earth the Sun and the moon are not in a line

40 The first World Cup Football tournament was held in
(a) Brazil (b) Italy (c) Uruguay (d) Mexico

41 The rear view mirror used in vehicles is
(a) Plane (b) Concave (c) Convex (d) Concave or Convex

42 Dr. John Mathai was
(a) An economist (b) Union Finance Minister (c) Vice Chancellor of Kerala University (d) All the above

43 An earth quake marked 6.5 in the Richter scale is ..... times greater in magnitude than the one marked 5.5
(a) 2 (b) 10 (c) 100 (d) 1000

44 Deficiency of melanin leads to
(a) Insomnia (b) Hemophilia (c) Anemia (d) Albinism

45 Shantivan is the Samadhi place of
(a) Jawaharlal Nehru (b) Lal Bahadur Sastri (c) Indira Gandhi (d) Rajiv Gandhi

46 Which country is known as 'Land of Thousand Lakes'?
(a) Thailand (b) Finland (c) Ireland (d) Norway

47 The winner of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award for the year 2004 is
(a) Rahul Dravid (b) Rajyavardhan Singh (c) Leander Paes (d) Vishwanathan Anand

48 The Odakkuzhal award was instituted by
(a) G. Sankara Kurup (b) Vayalar Ramavarma (c) Vallathol (d) Kumaranasan

49 The birth place of Moyinkutty vaidyar is
(a) Kodungallur (b) Kottakkal (c) Kondotty (d) Kayamkulam

50 The free operating system Linux was developed by
(a) Linus Pauling (b) Linus Torwalds (c) Richard Stalman (d) Charles Babbage

Fill in the blanks with correct choice:

51 She is the kind of student .......... we want
(a) which (b) whom (c) that (d) who

52 The two children quarreled with ..............
(a) each other (b) one another (c) themselves (d) among themselves

53 We needn't go to school today ..........
(a) must we? (b) mustn't we? (c) do we? (d) need we?

54 Tom shouldn't waste his time, and ........... should john
(a) why (b) neither (c) also (d) as

55 You ...... obey your parents
(a) will (b) would (c) shall (d) should

56 How ......... you disobey me?
(a) dare (b) dared (c) shall (d) must

57 How long..... here?
(a) you are staying (b) have you been staying (c) are you staying (d) were you staying

58 It is time we ........
(a) were started (b) shall start (c) started (d) have started

59 If he had studied hard he ...... a first class
(a) will get (b) would get (c) will have got (d) would have got

60 I haven't .... friends here
(a) many (b) some (c) few (d) a few

61 ........ girls have gone for a picnic
(a) the all (b) all (c) how many (d) all the

62 Take it .....
(a) as easy (b) easy (c) easily (d) as if easy

63 Every one seems to know but .......
(a) I (b) myself (c) me (d) mine

64 No one could explain how a calm and balanced person like him could.....such a mindless act on his friends
(a) Perpetuate (b) Precipitate (c) Penetrate (d) Perpetrate

65 My father.... from diabetes for the past three years
(a) is suffering (b) has been suffering (c) was suffering (d) had been suffering

66 "His most trusted friend proved to be a snake in the grass".What does 'a snake in the grass mean'?
(a) an unreliable person (b) low and mean (c) a hidden enemy (d) cowardly and brutal

67 The correct passive voice form of the sentence “Someone stole  the watch” is
(a) The watch was stolen (b) The watch was stolen by some one (c) The watch has been stolen
(d) The watch had been stolen by someone 

68 Pick out the correct sentence from the following
(a) he is my brother, isn't it? (b) we came on foot (c) open the tenth page of this book
(d) I and Ashok go to school together

69 The word opposite in meaning to CONCEAL is
(a) Deny (b) accept (c) reveal (d) yield

70 Choose the word that can be substituted for 'that which lasts for ever'
(a) eternal (b) ephemeral (c) stable (d) permanent

71 Which among the following is same as Violet : Orange : Yellow?
(a) Purple (b) White (c) Pink (d) Blue

72 Choose which is least like the other words in the group?
(a) Club (b) hotel (c) hostel (d) inn

73 Which is the irregular member of the following group?
(a) RQPA (b) MLKA (c) STUA (d) HGFA

74 A man is facing north-west. He turns 90o in the clockwise direction and then 1350 in the anticlockwise direction. Which
direction is he facing now?

(a) east (b) west (c) north (d) south

75 Select the pair which has the same relationship as the given pair Traveler : Destination
(a) Beggar : Donation (b) Teacher : Education (c) Refugee : Shelter (d) Accident : Hospital

76 Moon : Satellite :: Earth : ?
(a) sun (b) solar system (c) asteroid (d) planet

77 Bag is related to luggage in the same way as ship is related to
(a) Cargo (b) Coal (c) Stock (d) Weight

78 Which is the pair like Triangle : Hexagon?
(a) Cone : Sphere (b) Rectangle : Octagon (c) Pentagon : Heptagon (d) Triangle : Quadrilateral

79 Which is the odd pair of words different from the following sets?
(a) Blacksmith : Anvil (b) Carpenter : Saw (c) Goldsmith : Ornaments (d) Barber : Scissor

80 Which among the following is different from others?
(a) DE (b) PQ (c) TU (d) MO

81 Aluminium is to Bauxite as iron is to
(a) Pyrite (b) Haematite (c) Magnesite (d) Iron Oxide

82 Choose the subject which is different from others
(a) Mathematics (b) Arithmetic (c) Geometry (d) Algebra

83 In a certain code MONKEY is written as XDJMNL. How is TIGER written in that code?

84 Showing a man Saroj said: “He is the brother of my Uncle's daughter”. What is the relation of Saroj with that man?
(a) Son (b) Brother-in-law (c) Nephew (d) Cousin

85 If in a certain code TWENTY is written as 863985 and ELEVEN is written as 323039 how is TWELVE written?
(a) 863584 (b) 863203 (c) 863903 (d) 863063

86 From the following select the word that does not belong to the set
(a) Cube (b) Rectangle (c) Rhombus (d) Square

87 Which is the wrong member in the following set?
(a) Graphite (b) Diamond (c) Pearl (d) Coal

88 Which is not related in the following set?
(a) Othello (b) King Lear (c) Macbeth (d) Oliver Twist

89 From the following select the member that does not belong to the set
(a) Whale (b) Crocodile (c) Lizard (d) Snake

90 Which is the wrong member among the following?
(a) Microscope (b) Stethoscope (c) Telescope (d) Periscope

91 What is the common ratio of the progression 3√2, 6, 6√2 ?
(a) 3 (b) 2 (c) √2 (d) √3

95 The circumcentre of an obtuse triangle will always be in the
(a) Interior of the triangle (b) Midpoint of the diameter (c) Exterior of the triangle (d) Midpoint of the side of the triangle

96 What is the degree measure of a semicircle?
(a) 360 (b) 90 (c) 270 (d) 180

97 Which among the following is the point of intersection of the medians of a triangle?
(a) Circumcentre (b) Centroid (c) Orthocenter (d) Incentre

98 The height of a cone and its base diameter are equal. If the base radius is 'r' what is its slant height?
(a) 3r (b) 4r (c) √5r (d) √3r

100 The radii of two spheres are in the ratio 2:3. What is the ratio of their surface areas?
(a) 4:9 (b) 2:3 (c) 8:27 (d) 4:6


C 11  A 21  B 31  D 41  C 51  B 61  D 71  D 81  B 91  C
D 12  C 22  B 32  A 42  D 52  A 62  B 72  A 82  A 92  D
B 13  A 23  C 33  A 43  B 53  A 63  B 73  C 83  C 93  A
C 14  A 24  D 34  D 44  D 54  B 64  D 74  B 84  D 94  B
A 15  B 25  D 35  B 45  A 55  D 65  B 75  C 85  B 95  C
C 16  C 26  B 36  C 46  B 56  A 66  C 76  D 86  A 96  D
A 17  B 27  A 37  A 47  B 57  B 67  A 77  A 87  C 97  B
D 18  C 28  B 38  B 48  A 58  C 68  D 78  C 88  D 98  C
D 19  D 29  A 39  A 49  C 59  D 69  C 79  C 89  A 99  D
10B 20  C 30  D 40  C 50  B 60  A 70  A 80  D 90  B 100C