(Paper) UPSC Civil Services Mains - Mathematics

UPSC Civil Services Mains - Mathematics

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is a Government of India organization that is responsible for the selection of personnel for the Central Civil Services such as the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), the Indian Foreign Service (IFS), the Indian Police Service (IPS) and many others. It conducts several examinations annually to select candidates, the most important of which is the Civil Services Examination, usually taken by candidates after graduation with a bachelor's or master's degree. Candidates choose 2 subjects out of a list, and are required to show competence in these at a graduate level.

Here we have provided solutions to questions in the Mathematics Exam over the years. Only solutions to the Linear Algebra, Algebra, Calculus and Complex Analysis sections are provided. This page is under construction, please check the change log for updates.

We hope that these solutions will be useful to candidates preparing for the Civil Services, and will also be useful for anyone studying these subjects.  Please drop us an email at sunderlal.chd (at) gmail.com if you found them useful.  We would be glad to hear comments and criticisms, suggestions for improvement, and any error reports.  If you have a different or better solution to any question, we would be glad to incorporate it, and will credit it to you in the notes.

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