(Download) Special Material For Punjab PSC Pre Exam, 2012 [Business and Trade]

Punjab Public Service Commission

Special Material For Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) Pre Exam, 2012

Topic : Business and Trade

The trade of Punjab with other states comes within the jurisdiction of internal trading only. It cannot be termed as international trade as it remains within the boundaries of India. Punjab is an agricultural state and lacks minerals. In such circumstances it is natural for Punjab to send only agricultural produce to other states and will import minerals and goods manufactured from them. Articles Exported to Other States by Punjab - The goods or articles exported by Punjab to other states can be divided into ve parts.

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1. Food Articles - These articles include pulses, sugar, fruits, vegetables etc. There can be a further sub-division of these articles into two parts.

(a) Food grains, Pulses and Flour - This category included Grams, Gram-products like Besan, Gram-pulse etc. maize, millet, sorghum, rice, wheat and wheat- our.

(b) Other Food Articles - The food articles imported to other states include sugar, gur, fresh fruits and vegetables etc.

2. Livestock and their Products- This category includes livestocks e.g. cows, buffaloes, heifers, horses, mules,-hides,. desi ghee and raw wool. This category can be further divided into two parts:

(a) Livestock - Except sheep and goats other oattle are exported to other state. These include horses and mules also.

(b) Livestock-Products - These include hides, leather, desi ghee and wool etc.

3. Oil Seeds and their Products - Oil seeds include mainly cottonseed, mustard, rapeseed, vegetable oils and oil cakes etc. As the cultivation area of all the crops except wheat and rice is shrinking, same is the position of oilseeds. Among oilseeds, the cultivation of sun ower is gaining popularity these days.

4. Industrial Raw Material - Industrial raw material includes mainly all kinds of cotton, cotton wool and timber.

5. Manufactured Goods - These goods include iron and steel rods, sheets and girders etc. besides cement and hosiery goods.  Goods imported by Punjab from otherStates - The goods imported by Punjab can also be divided into ve parts:

1. Food Articles - These can be further sub-divided into two parts: Food Grains, Pulses etc. - After change of crop cycle in Punjab, the state has to import those food grains, which it earlier exported to other states. At present Punjab imports mainly grams, maize, sorghum, millet and mixed grains.

(a) Other Food Articles - Other food articles include Sugar, Gur, Tea and Salt etc. Although the number of sugar-mills in Punjab has reached 19 but the sugar prepared by them is not adequate to satisfy the needs of Punjab.

2. Livestock and their Products -Punjab not only imports livestock, it also imports the products of livestock like bones and raw wool.

3. Oilseeds and their Products - Punjab feels a shortage of oil seeds and their products. Therefore, these are also imported in some quantity.

4. Industrial Raw Material - Punjab is progressing day by day in the held of industry. Therefore, need for raw material is increasing continuously. The state mainly imports cotton, raw jute, kerosene oil, coal, manganese, mineral oil and timber. The reason for increased import of coal is the increase in the generation capacity of Bhatinda and Ropar Thermal Plants.

5.Manufactured Goods - Punjab imports glass, jute sacks and cloth, rods of iron and steel, sheets, girders etc. cement, metal products and shoes etc.

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