(Download) Special Material For Punjab PSC Pre Exam, 2012 [Punjab Its Land and People] Part-1

Punjab Public Service Commission

Special Material For Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) Pre Exam, 2012

Topic :  Punjab Its Land and People

Geography of Punjab:

Situation: From a cultural perspective, the borders of Punjab touch Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and some parts of Delhi. Geographically speaking, the present Punjab came into existence on l.st of November 1966 after its linguistic reorganisation. Punjab State is situated between 29° 32' to 32° 32' North latitudes and 73° 55' to 76° 50' East longitudes. To the Northwest, the border of Punjab touches Pakistan i.e., it determines international borderline. In the extreme North, there is Jammu and Kashmir, in the East we have Himachal Pradesh and in the South Haryana and Rajasthan are situated.

The total area of present Punjab is 50, 362 square kilometres. The entire state is divided into 4 Divisions and 22 districts. Development of the State: Word Punjab is a combination of two Persian words Panj + Aab. Panj means  ve and Aab means water. Thus we can say that the very name of Punjab stands for  ve- waters. In other words, the land of  ve rivers has been given the name of Punjab.

Calling this region of Indian .Subcontinent as Punjab is suitable both historically and geographically because this was the land of  ve rivers. Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenab and Jehlum. Thus, geographically Punjab has been called Saptsindhu i.e., land of seven rivers. At that time seven rivers viz. Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenab, Jehlum, Saraswati and Kabul (Kubha)  owed here. Puranas call Punjab Panchnada. Thus since ancient times Punjab owes its name to the existence of  ve rivers.

Harappa civilisation  ourished alongside these rivers. It is these  ve rivers, which have been held responsible for rise and fall of the Harappa civilisation. All these rivers have been steering their directions from time to time.

In the times of Mahabharat also, Punjab has been called Panchnada. According to the writings of that era the Western Front of Punjab touched Sindhu River and the Eastern front touched Yamuna River. The whole land of Punjab received water from Sindhu and Saraswati as well as their tributaries. Under the Mughals, Punjab came to be known, as Sooba-e-Lahore Lahore became its capital. With the decline of Mughals, the Sikhs had a sway in Punjab. Maharaja Ranjit Singh founded a vast Sikh empire. After the death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the British included Punjab in English empire. In 1901, the British again redemarcated its boundaries.In 1911, the British separated Delhi and some areas contiguous to Delhi. Then there was no change in the boundaries of Punjab from 1911 to 1947.

On 15 August 1947, the partition of India also resulted in the partition of Punjab. The Western part of Punjab fell to the share of Pakistan. The-remaining eastern and smaller territory was India's share. After the partition, Pakistani Punjab became Western Punjab while Indian Punjab was called Eastern Punjab.

On 26 January 1950, Pre x Eastern was removed and now it was Punjab only. On 15 July, 1948 a new province PEPSU came into existence as a result of combining regal states of Punjab viz. Patiala; Nabha, Kapurthala, Jind, Faridkot, Malerkotla, Nalagarh and Kalsia.

In 1956, the states were reorganised in the whole of the country. At that time PEPSU was disbanded and its entire area was merged into Punjab.

The basis of re-organisation of states in India was primarily linguistic. Therefore, demand for a new language based state was raised vociferously in Punjab. The Centre instituted Shah Commission to look into this matter. On the basis of the recommendations of Shah Commission, present Punjab came into existence on I November 1966.

Administrative Division of Punjab:

Punjab is divided into four Divisions, 72 Sub-divisions, 22 districts, 76 Sub-Tehsils and 141 blocks. Its administrative Division is made as under:


1. District: Gurdaspur

Tehsils - Gurdaspur, Batala, Dera Baba Nanak.

Sub-Tehsils - Sri Hargobindpur, Kalanaur, Kahnuwan, Qadian, Dinanagar, Dhariwal, Nushara Maja Singh, Fatehgarh Churian,

Blocks - Gurdaspur, Shri Hargobindpur, Sujanpur, Kalanaur, Kahnuwan, Qadian, Dera Baba Nanak, Dhariwal, Dinanagar, Narot Jaimal Singh, Batala, Fatehgarh Churian, Dauranglan,Bamial.

2. District: Amritsar

Tehsil - Amritsar-1, Amritsar-11, Baba Bakala, Ajnala.

Sub-Tehsils- Attari, Tarsikka, Khemkaran, Majitha, Ramdass, Lopoke.

Blocks- Verka, Rayya, Ajnala, Harsha Chhina, Chogawan, Jandiala Guru, Tarsikka, Maj itha.

3. District: Kapurthala

Tehsils - Kapurthala, Bhulath, Phagwara, Sultanpur Lodhi.

Sub-Tehsils - Dhilwan.

Blocks - Sultanpur Lodhi, Kapurthala, Nadala, Phagwara,Dhilwan.

4. District: Jalandhar

Tehsils - Jalandhar-I, Jalandhar-Il, Nakodar, Phillaur, Shahkot.

Sub-Tehsils - Adampus, Kartarpur, Bhogpur, Noor Mahal,

Blocks - Jalandhar East, Jalandhar West, Bhogpur, Adampur, Nakodar, Shahkot, Lohian, Phillaur, Noor Mahal, Rurka Kalan.

5. District: Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar (Nawanshahar)

Tehsils - Nawanshehar, Balachaur.

Sub-Tehsils - Banga.

Blocks - Aor, Banga, Nawanshahar, Balachaur, Saron.

6. District: Hoshiarpur

Tehsils - Hoshiarpur, Dasuha, Garhshankar, Mukerian.

Sub-Tehsils - Bhunga, Garhdiwala, Tanda, Talwara, Mahilpur.

Blocks - Hoshiarpur-I, Hoshiarpur-II, Bhunga, Dasuha, Tanda,

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GarhshankAr, Mahilpur, Mukerian, Talwara, Hajipur.

7. District: Tarntaran

Tehsils - Khemkaran, Goindwal Sahib, Chola Sahib, Jhabal, Bhikhiwind.

Sub-Tehsils - Khadur Sahib, Gandiwind, Chola Sahib, Tarntaran,Naushehra Pannun,Patti, Bhikhiwind,Valtoha.

8. District: Pathankot

Tehsils - Pathankot, Dharkalan.

Sub-Tehsils -Bamial, Narot Jaimal Singh.


9. District: Roop Nagar

Tehsils - Roop Nagar, Anandpur Sahib, Chamkaur Sahib, Nangal.

Sub-Tehsils - Morinda, Noorpur Bedi.

Blocks - Roop Nagar, Chamkaur Sahib, Morinda, Noorpur Bedi, Anandpur Sahib.

10. District: Ludhiana

Tehsils - Ludhiana East, Ludhiana West, Khanna, Samrala, Jagraon, Payal, Raikot.

Sub-Tehsils - Malaud, Mullanpur, Dakha, Dehlon, Machhivvara, Sidhwan Bet, Kumkalan.

Blocks - Ludhiana-I, Ludhiana-II, Dehlon, Pakhowal, Doraha, Khanna, Samrala, Machhivvara, Jagraon,Sidhwan Bet, Sudhar,Raikot.

11. District: Sangrur

Tehsils - Sangrur, Malerkotla, Udam Singh Wala (Sunam), Dhuri, Moonak, Lehra.

Sub-Tehsils - Bhawanigarh, Longowal, Ahmedgarh, Dirhba. Sherpur, Khanouri, Amargarh, Lehra.

Blocks - Sangrur, Bhawanigarh, Malerkotla-I, Malerkotla-II, Dhuri, Sherpur. Sunam,Andana, Lehra Gaga.

12. District: Patiala

Tehsils - Patiala, Rajpura, Samana, Nabha, Patran.

Sub-Tehsils - Dudansadhan, Ghanaur, Bhadson.

Blocks - Patiala,Bhunerheri, Sanaur, Rajpura, Ghanaur, Samara, Patran, Nabha.

13. District: Fatehgarh Sahih

Tehsils - Fatehgarh Sahib, Amloh, Khamano,Bassi Pathana.

Sub-Tehsils - Mandi Gobindgarh.

Blocks - Sirhind, Khera, Amloh, Kamano, Bassi Pathana.

14. District: Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar (Mohali)

Tehsils - SAS Nagar, Kharar, Mohali.

Sub-Tehsils - Majri.

Blocks - Kharar, Dera Bassi, Majri.

15. District: Barnala

Tehsils - Barnala, Tapa.

Sub-Tehsils -Dhanaula, Bhadhaur.

Blocks - Sehna, Barnala, Mehal Kalan, Lehra Gaga.


16. District: Ferozepur

Tehsils - Ferozepur, Zira.

Sub-Tehsils - Mamdot, Talvandi Bhai, Makhu, Guru Har Sahai.Blocks - Ferozepur, Guru Har Sahai, Mamdot, Ghall Khurd, Makhu, Khuhia Sarwar.

17. District: Bathinda

Tehsils - Bathinda, Talwandi Sabo, RampuraPhul.

Sub-Tehsil - Maur, Sangat Nathana, Bhagat Bhai Ka.

Blocks - Maur, Sangat Nathana, Bhagat Bhai Ka. Bathinda, Talwandi Sabo, Rampura Phul,Phul.

18. District: Mansa

Tehsils - Mansa, Budhlada, Sardulgarh.

Sub-Tehsil - Bareta, Jhanir, Bhikhi.

Blocks - Mansa, Bhikhi, Budhlada, Jhanir, Sardulgarh.

19. District: Fazlika

Tehsils - Fazlika, Abohar, Jalalabad.

Sub-Tehsils -Arniwal, Shekh Subhan, Sitoguno, Khuhia Sarwar.


20. District: Faridkot

Tehsils - Faridkot, Jaito.

Sub-Tehsils - Kotkapura, Sadiq.

Blocks - Faridkot, Kotkapura.

21. District: Shri Muktsar Sahib

Tehsils - Muktsar, Malout, Gidderbaha.

Sub-Tehsils - Lambi, Doda, Bariwala,Lakhewali.

Blocks - Muktsar, Kot Bhai, Lambi,Malout.

22. District: Moga

Tehsils - Moga, Nihal Singh Wala, Bagha Purana.

Sub-Tehsils - Dharamkot, Badhani Kalan.

Blocks -Moga-I, Moga-II, Dharamkot, Nihal Singh Wala, Bagha Purana.

7 Lok Sabha Constituencies

  1. Gurdaspur
  2. Amritsar
  3. Khadoor Sahib
  4. Jalandhar (SC)
  5. Hoshiarpur (SC)
  6. Anandpur Sahib
  7. Ludhiana
  8. Fatehgarh Sahib (SC)
  9. Faridkot (SC)
  10. Firozpur
  11. Bathinda
  12. Sangrur
  13. Patiala

Vidhan Sabha Constituencies Lok Sabha Constituency-wise


  1. Sujanpur Dhar Kalan Tehsil; KCs Manwal, Sujanpur & Sujanpur (MCI) of Pathankot Tehsil.

  2. Bhoa (SC) PCs Kanwan, Jangal, Jakrawar, Gharota Kalan, Gharota Khurd, Farida Nagar, Najo Chak, Malikpur, Sarna of Kanwan KC; KCs Bhoa, Taragarh, Narot Jaimal Singh & Bamial of Pathankot Tehsil.

  3. Pathankot PC Naushera-Nalbandan of 'Kanwan KC; KC Pathankot & Pathankot (MCI+OG) of Pathankot Tehsil.

  4. Gurdaspur KCs Gurdaspur. Jaura Chhatran, Tibbar & Gurdaspur (MCI+OG) of Gurdaspur Tehsil.

  5. Dina Nagar (SC) KCs Paniar, Behrampur, Dorangla, Dina Nagar, Talabpur, PCs Chhawla, Jagatpur Kalan, Jagatpur Khurd, Saidowal Kalan, Chhina Bet, Dauwal of Chhawla KC & Dinanagar (MCI) of Gurdaspur Tehsil.

  6. Qadian Dhariwal KC; PCs Dehriwal, Sidhwan, Chhina Ret Wala, Dhariwal Kalan, Pasnawala of Dehriwal KC; KCs Kahnuwan, Chack Sharif, Kot Todar Mail, PCs Bhaini Paswal, Darapur, Gunopur of Chhawla KC & Dhariwal (MCI) of Gurdaspur Tehsil; PCs Qddian, Basrai, Kahalwan of Qadian KC; Qadian (MCI+OG) of Batala Tehsil.

  7. Batala PCs Kotli Bhan Singh, Dewaniwal, Masanian of Faijpur KC; PCs Dunia Sandhu, Dalla, Rasulpur, Loh Chap, Talwandi Jhunglan, Wadala Garanthian, Rampur of Qadian KC, Batala (MCI+OG) of Batala Tehsil; PCs Naushehra Majha Singh, Satkoha, Kaler Kalan, Kaler Khurd, Suchetgarh of Naushehra Majha Singh KC; PCs Khan Piara, Shekhwan, Tatley & Buttar Kalan of Dehriwal KC of Gurdaspur Tehsil.

  8. Sri Hargobindpur (SC) KCs Batala (Sharki), Harpura, Harchowal, Sri Hargobindpur, Chone, Ghuman & Sri Hargobindpur (MCI) of Batala Tehsil.

  9. Fatehgarh Churian PCs Faijpur, Bhagowal, Udhowal, Dialgarh, Taragarh, Bhullar, Jaura Singh of Faijpur KC; KCs Batala (Garbi), Kashtiwal, Fatehgarh Churian, Kala Afgana & Fatehgarh Churian (MCI) of Batala  Tehsil.

  10. Dera Baba Nanak Dera Baba Nanak Tehsil; PCs Ghuman Kalan, Ghuman Khurd, Gaju Gazi, Rajuwal, Suctianian of Naushehra Majha Singh KC; KCs Kalanaur (North), Kalanaur. (South) & Kalanaur (NP) of Gurdaspur Tehsil.


  1. Ajnala KCs Ramdas, Thoba, Sarangdev, Chamiari, Ajnala, Guru Ka Bagh, Ramdas (MCI) & Ajnala (NP) of Ajnala Tehsil.

  2. Raja Sansi KCs Jassrauor, Jastarwal, Raja Sansi, Kakkar, Chogawan, Lopoke & Raja Sansi (NP) of Ajnala Tehsil.

  3. Majitha Mattewal KC of Baba Bakala Tehsil; KCs Majitha, Kathu Nangal, Pakharpura & Majitha (MCI) of Amritsar-I Tehsil.

  4. Jandiala (SC) KCs Mehta, Tarsikka of Baba Bakala Tehsil; KCs Jandiala, Nawan Pind & Jandiala Guru (MCI) of Amritsar-I Tehsil.

  5. Amritsar North Ward Nos. 42 to 44, 47, 48 to 50 & 52 to 55 in Amritsar (M Corp.) & Gumtala Colony on Jagdev Kalan Road (OG) -Ward No.67, Mata Kamla Devi Avenue on Fatehgarh Churian Road (OG) - Ward No.69, Chand Avenue (OG) - Ward No.70, Mohan Avenue (OG) - Ward No.71, Preet Nagar (OG) - Ward No.72, Daya Nand Nagar (OG) - Ward No.73, Baba Deep Singh Nagar (OG) - Ward No.74, Dashmesh Avenue on Majitha Road (OG) - Ward No.75, Naushera Khurd (OG) - Ward No.76, Parti Vihar (OG) - Ward No.77, Ek Rup Avenue (OG) - Ward No.78, Abadi Naushera (OG) - Ward No.79, Silver Estate (OG) - Ward No.80, Krishna Lane (OG) - Ward No.81 in Amritsar (M Corp+OG) of Amritsar- II Tehsil & Ward No. 45 in Amritsar (M Corp.) of Amritsar-I Tehsil.

  6. Amritsar West (SC) Amritsar Cantt. (CB), Ward Nos. 31, 32, 40, 41 in Amritsar (M Corp.) of Amritsar-I & II Tehsil & Ward Nos. 33 to 39 in Amritsar (M Corp.), Abadi Baba Darshan Singh on Ram Tirath Road (OG) - Ward No. 61, Abadi Baba
    Jiwan Singh on Ram Tirath Road (OG) - Ward No.62, Abadi along Khairabad on Ram Tirath Road to Ajnala Road (OG) - Ward No.63, Village Roriwala (OG) - Ward No.64, Prem Nagar on Ajnala Road (OG) - Ward No. 65, Abadi Mirankot on Ajnala Road (OG) - Ward No.66, Ranjit Vihar (OG) - Ward No. 68, Basarke Bhaini (Attari Road) (OG) - Ward No. 89, Village Gumanpura (OG)-Ward No. 90 (Part of PC Gumanpura of KC Khasa) in Amritsar (M Corp+OG) of Amritsar- 11 Tehsil.

  7. Amritsar Central Ward Nos. I to 8, 26 to 29 in Amritsar (M Corp.) & KC Amritsar-I of Amritsar-I Tehsil; Ward Nos. 25, 30, Village Kuriwal (OG) - Ward No. 87, Thandewala (OG)-Ward No. 88 (Part of PC Khaper Kheri of KC Wadala Bhittewad) in Amritsar (M Corp+OG) of Amritsar-I & II Tehsil.

  8. Amritsar East Ward Nos. 14 to 17, 46, 60 in Amritsar (M Corp.) of Amritsar-1 Tehsil & Ward Nos. 51, 56, 58, 59 in
    Amritsar (M Corp.) of Amritsar-Il Tehsil & Ward Nos. 57, Village Mudhal (OG) - Ward No. 82 (Part of PC Mudhal of KC Verka) in' Amritsar (M Corp+OG) of Amritsar- I & 11 Tehsil.

  9. Amritsar South Ward Nos. 9 to 13, 18 to 24 in Amritsar (M Corp.) of Amritsar-I Tehsil & Factories on right side of Doburjee G.T. Road (OG) - Ward No. 84, Abadi Khalsa Nagar Near Kot Mit Singh (OG) - Ward No. 85 in Amritsar (M Corp+OG) of Amritsar- II Tehsil.

  10. Attari (SC) KCs Amritsar-II, Attari, Khasa (excluding OG Gumanpura of PC Gumanpura), Verka (excluding OG Mudhal of PC Mudhal), Wadala Bhittewad (excluding OG Thandewala of PC Khapar Kheri) & Chabba of Amritsar-11 Tehsil.

  11. Tarn Taran KCs Tam Taran, Jhabal Kalan, Sohal Thathi, Gaggo Bua & Tarn-Taran (MCI) of Tam Taran Tehsil.

  12. Khem Karan PCs Gharyala-I to 3, Maneke Jand, Warnala, Talwandi Sobha Singh, Gajjal, Jodh Singhwala of Gharyala KC; KCs Valtoha, Khem Karan, Algon, Mari Megha, Bhikhiwind, Dialpura & Khemkaran (NP) of Patti Tehsil.

  13. Patti PCs Barwala, Dhariwal of Gharyala KC; KCs Patti, Kot Budha, Sabhra & Patti (MCI) of Patti Tehsil; KCs Naushehra Pannuan & Sarhali of Tam Taran Tehsil.

  14. Khadoor Sahib KCs Pandori Gola, Jeobala, Chohla Sahib of Tam Taran Tehsil; PCs Khadoor Sahib, Banian, Jahan Gir of Khadoor Sahib KC; KCs Fatehabad & Goindwal Sahib of Khadoor Sahib'Tehsil.

  15. Baba Bakala (SC) PCs Sangar Kalan, Mian Wind, Verowal, Bhut Wind, Jawandpur, Kiri Shahi, Biharipur of Khadoor Sahib KC; KC Chak Kare Khan of Khadoor Sahib Tehsil; KCs Sathiala, Khalchian, Baba Bakala & Rayya (NP) of Baba Bakala Tehsil.


  1. Bholath Bholath Tehsil; KCs Dhilwan, Ramidi; PC Jati Ke of Fathu Dhinga KC & Dhilwan (NP) of Kapurthala Tehsil.

  2. Kapurthala KCs Kapurthala, Baler Khanpur; PCs Nawan Pind, Ghug, Khukhrain, Saidowal of Khalu KC; PCs Thigh, Nidhoki, Sidhwan Dona, Kaso Chahhal, Bhano Langa of Hussainpur KC & Kapurthala (MCI) of Kapurthala Tehsil.

  3. Sultanpur Lodhi Sultanpur Lodhi Tehsil; PCs Khera Dona, Karahal Nao Abad, Isharwal, Saido Bhulana, Shahpur Dogra of Hussainpur KC; PCs Khalu, Khiran Wali, Sandhar Jagir, Parvej Nagar, Bhawanipur, Dhudianwala, Dabulian of Khalu KC; PCs Fathu Dhinga, Buh, Desal, Khera Bet, Tarkhanawali, Sai abad, Surakhpur, Ucha & Mehmadwal of Fathu Dhinga KC of Kapurthala Tehsil.

  4. Phagwara (SC) KCs Phagwara, Ranipur, Rihana Jattan & Phagwara (MCI+OG) of Phagwara Tehsil.


  1. Phillaur (SC) KCs Phillaur, Lasara, Apra, Gorayan, Rurka Kalan, Bara Pind, Partap Pura, Gorayan (NP) & Phillaur (MCI) of Phillaur Tehsil.
  2. Nakodar PCs Mahem, Bir Pind, Allowal, Nakodar-1,2,3, Sidhwan of Nakodar KC; KCs Sarih, Gohir, Uggi, Gill, Nakodar (MCI) of Nakodar Tehsil; KCs Bilga, Nurmahal, Taiwan & Nurmahal (MCI) of Phillaur Tehsil.
  3. Shahkot Shahkot Tehsil; PCs Aulak, Maheru, Pandori Khas of Nakodar KC; KCs Mehatpur & Umrewal Billa of Nakodar Tehsil.
  4. Kartarpur (SC) PC Sheikhe Pind of Jalandhar KC of Jalandhar-I Tehsil; KCs Reru, Wariyana, Lambra, Naugajja, Kartarpur, Kahlwan, Pachranga, Kartarpur (MCI) & Bidipur on Amritsar Road (OG) Ward No. 56 of Jalandhar-11 Tehsil.
  5. Jalandhar West (SC) Ward Nos. 18 to 21, 33 to 35, 37 to 39 & 41 to 44 in Jalandhar (M Corp.) of Jalandhar-I Tehsil.
  6. Jalandhar Central Ward Nos. 22 to 32, 40 & 48 to 53 in Jalandhar (M Corp.) of Jalandhar-I Tehsil .
  7. Jalandhar North Ward Nos. I to 17 in Jalandhar (M Corp.) of Jalandhar-I Tehsil.
  8. Jalandhar Cantt. KCs Jamsher, Pholriwala, Sansarpur (CT) Ward No-I, Jalandhar Cantt. (CB), Ward Nos. 36, 45.to 47, 54 & 55 in Jalandhar (M Corp.) & Khambra on Nakodar Road (OG) - Ward No.57, Alipur adjacent to Village Mithapur (OG) - Ward No.58, Nangal Kararkhan adjacent to Master Mehnga Singh Colony (OG) - Ward No.59 in Jalandhar (M Corp+OG) of Jalandhar-I Tehsil & KC Jandiala of Phillaur Tehsil.
  9. Adampur (SC) KCs Bhogpur, Nangal Fida, Bhogpur (NP) of Jalandhar- II Tehsil; KCs Patara, Alawalpur, Adampur, Kalra, Adampur (MCI) & Alawalpur (MCI) of Jalandhar-I Tehsil.


  1. Mukerian PC Namoli of Datarpur KC; KCs Mukerian, Aiman Mangat, Hajipur, Hardokhundpur, Bhangala; PCs Shri Pandian, Gera, Bhera, Sariana, Bella Sariana of Talwara KC & Mukerian (MCI) of Mukerian Tehsil.

  2. Dasuya KCs Dasuya, Passi Kandi, Unchi Bassi, Safdarpur, Dasuya (MCI) of Dasuya Tehsil; PCs Rakri Urf Datarpur, Swar, Depur, Jugial, Niku Chak, Beh Fatto, Beh Khushala, Labbar, Baring, Beh Nangal, Beh Lakhan of Datarpur KC, PCs Talwara, Baringli, Bhol Kalota, Alera, Dharmpur, Bhambotar, Bhavnaur of Talwara KC of Mukerian Tehsil.

  3. Urmar KCs Garhdiwala, Bhanowal, Ambala Jattan, Urmar, Khudda, Tanda, Miani, Gardhiwala (MCI) & Tanda Urmar (MCI) of Dasuya Tehsil.

  4. Sham Chaurasi (SC) PCs Naloyian, Kakkon, Bagpur, Kantian, Bhikhowal, Bhagowal of Hoshiarpur KC; PCs Hardo Khanpur, Sataur, Gobindpur Khun Khun of Premgarh KC; KCs Nanda Chaur, Bullowal, Sham Chaurasi, Nasrala, Bhunga, Khadiala Sainian, Janouri, Hariana, Hariana (MCI) & Sham Chaurasi (MCI) of Hoshiarpur Tehsil.

  5. Hoshiarpur PCs Bahadurpur, Kotla Gaunspur, Admowal, Chohal of Hoshiarpur KC; PCs Shergarh, Chhauni Kalan, Bilaspur of Premgarh KC; KC Jahan Khelan & Hoshiarpur (MCI) of Hoshiarpur Tehsil.

  6. Chabbewal (SC) KCs Kot Fatuhi, Sarhala Kalan, Rampur, Bahowal of Garhshankar Tehsil; KCs Chabbewal, Ahrana Kalan & Attowal of Hoshiarpur Tehsil.

  7. Garhshankar KCs Garhshankar, Binewal, Samundra, Satnaur, Saila Khurd, Mahilpur, Mahilpur (NP) & Garhshankar (MCI) of Garhshankar Tehsil.


  1. Banga (SC) PCs Bakhlaur, Shekhupur, Aur, Garupar, Garhi Ajit Singh of Aur KC; KCs Behram, Jandiala, Banga, Mukandpur, Sahlon & Banga (MCI) of Nawan Shahr Tehsil.

  2. Nawan Shahr PCs Chak Dana, Urapur, Burj Tehal Dass, Phambra of Aur KC, KCs Kahma, Nawan Shahr, Bharta Kalan, Rahon, Langroya, Bahiloor Kalan, Jadla, Nawan Shahr (MCI+OG) & Rahon (MCI) of Nawan Shahr Tehsil.

  3. Balachaur Balachaur Tehsil.


  1. Anandpur Sahib KCs Anandpur Sahib, Nangal, NayaNangal, Nangal MC, Anandpur Sahib MC of Anandpur Sahib Tehsil; PCs Ban Jhakhian, Bara Pind, Bharatgarh, Nangal Sarsa, Awankot of Ghanauli KC of Rupnagar Tehsil.

  2. Rupnagar PCs Ghaunali, Ghaunala, Dhangoli, Daburji of Ghanauli KC; KCs Rupnagar, Mianpur & Rupnagar MC of Rupnagar Tehsil; KCs Dumewal, Nurpur Bedi & Takhatgarh of Anandpur Sahib Tehsil.

  3. Chamkaur Sahib (SC) ' KCs Singh, Bela, Behram Pur Bet, Chamkaur Sahib, Lutheri, Morinda, Ban Majra, Morinda MC of Rupnagar Tehsil & KC Gharuan of Kharar Tehsil.

  4. Kharar KCs Khizarabad, Majri, Mullanpur Garib Dass, Kurali, Kharar, Kurali (MCI) & Kharar (MCI) of Kharar Tehsil.

  5. S.A.S.Nagar S.A.S.Nagar (Mohali) Tehsil.


  1. Bassi Pathana (SC) Bassi Pathana Tehsil & Khamanon Tehsil. 55. Fatehgarh Sahib Fatehgarh Sahib Tehsil. 56. Amloh Amloh Tehsil.


  1. Khanna Khanna Tehsil.

  2. Samrala Samrala Tehsil.

  3. Sahnewal KCs Ludhiana, Mangat, Mattewara, Koom Kalan, Sahnewal Kalan, Sahnewal (NP) & Ward No. 14 & 16 of Ludhiana (M Corp.) of Ludhiana East Tehsil..

  4. Ludhiana East Ward Nos. 6 to 13, 15 & 17 in Ludhiana (M  Corp.) of Ludhiana East Tehsil.

  5. Ludhiana South Ward Nos. 18 to 24, 29 & 31 in Ludhiana (M Corp.) of Ludhiana East Tehsil.

  6. Atam Nagar Ward Nos. 25 to 28, 30, 32 to 36 & 40 in Ludhiana (M Corp.) of Ludhiana East Tehsil.

  7. Ludhiana Central Ward Nos. 50 to 63 in Ludhiana (M Corp.) of Ludhiana East Tehsil.

  8. Ludhiana West Ward Nos. 1, 37 to 39 & 41 to 48 in Ludhiana (M Corp.) of Ludhiana East Tehsil.

  9. Ludhiana North Ward Nos. 2 to 5, 49 & 64 to 70 in Ludhiana (M Corp.) of Ludhiana East Tehsil.

  10. Gill (SC) KCs Ghawaddi, Dehlon of Ludhiana East Tehsil; KCs Gill, Sunet, Bagga Khurd, Ayali Khrud; PCs Narangwal, Mansuran, Lalton Kalan & Dolon Kalan of Jodhan KC of Ludhiana West Tehsil.

  11. Payal (SC) Payal Tehsil.

  12. Dakha PCs Jodhan, Sahauli, Ballowal  of Jodhan KC; KCs Gujarwal, Mohi, Dakha & Mullanpur Dakha (NP) of Ludhiana West Tehsil; KCs Swaddi Khas, Pabbian, Bhundri, Sidhwan Bet of Jagraon Tehsil.

  13. Raikot (SC) Raikot Tehsil.

  14. Jagraon (SC) KCs Kaunke, Manuke, Malak, Lodhiwala, Jagraon, Akhara & Jagraon (MC) of Jagraon Tehsil. 10. DISTRICT: MOGA

  15. Nihal Singhwala (SC) Nihal Singhwala Tehsil; KCs Ajit Wal, Buttar Kalan of Moga Tehsil.

  16. Bhagha Purana Bhagha Purana Tehsil.

  17. Moga KCs Khukhrana, Ghal Kalan, Moga Jit Singh & Moga (MCI+OG) of Moga Tehsil.

  18. Dharamkot KCs Moga Mehla Singh, Fatehgarh Panjtoor, Kot Ise Khan, Dharamkot, Kishan Pura Kalan & Dharamkot (MCI) of Moga Tehsil.


  1. Zira Zira Tehsil.

  2. Firozpur City PCs Arif Ke, Attari, Bandala, Dulla Singh Wala, Ilmewala, Katora, Maste Ke, Muthian Wala of Arif Ke KC; KC Firozpur City, Firozpur (MCI) & Firozpur Cantt. (CB) of Firozpur Tehsil.

  3. Firozpur Rural (SC) KCs Firozpur Cantt., Ferozeshah, Talwandi Bhai; PCs Changali Jadid, Mahalam of Arif Ke KC; PCs Bhabra Azam Shahwala, Bukan Khanwala, Dhira Pattra, Jhok Harihar, Mana Singhwala, Nurpur, Tut of Jhok Harihar KC; KC Mamdot & Talwandi Bhai (MCI) of Firozpur Tehsil.

  4. Guru Har Sahai KCs Guru Har Sahai, Mahmu Joyian, Jiwan Arian & Guru Har Sahai (MCI) of Jalalabad Tehsil; KC Lakho Ke Behram; PCs Burj Makhan Singh, Jhok Tahal Singh Wala, Mahima of Jhok Harihar KC of Firozpur Tehsil.

  5. Jalalabad KCs Tahliwala Bodla, Arniwala Sheikh Subhan of Fazilka Tehsil; KCs Ghubaya, Jalalabad & Jalalabad (MCI+OG) of Jalalabad Tehsil.

  6. Fazilka KCs Fazilka, Tillan Wali, Theh Kalander & Fazilka (MCI) of Fazilka Tehsil.

  7. Abohar KCs Kallar Khera,  Khuian Sarwar, PC Azimagarh of Abohalr Janubee KC; Abohar (MCI) & PC Abohar (Rural) (Abohar Mandi) of Abohar Samali KC of Abohar Tehsil.

  8. Balluana (SC) KC Sito Guno, PCs Dode Wala, Amarpura, Bhagu, Dotaran Wali, Kala Tibba, Raipura, Rajpura, Ramsra & Rajanwali of KC Abohar Janubee; KC Rukan Pura, PCs Alamgarh, Basian, Dharampura, Kikar Khera, Saiyadwala, Ruherhianwall, Mandi Abohar of Abohar Samali KC; KC Balluana of Abohar Tahsil & KC Nihal Khera of Fazilka Tehsil.

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