Procedure followed in Service Allocation for CSE-2013

Procedure followed in Service Allocation for CSE-2013


Service allocation to the recommended candidates by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on the basis of Civil Services Examination (CSE), 2013 to IAS, IFS, IPS and Central Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ Services has been made and uploaded by the Department of Personnel and  Training (DoPT), Government of India in its website on 14.08.2014. Service allocation to the candidates is done after taking into consideration
the rank obtained, preference of service indicated, status of medical fitness (I.e. fit for all services, ‘fit’ for only technical/non-technical services,  temporarily unfit or ‘unfit’ for all services etc), category of the candidate (i.e. Un-Reserved (UR)/Scheduled Caste(SC)/Scheduled Tribe(ST)/Other Backward class(OBC)/Physically Handicapped(PH)), vacancy available in a  particular service at his/her turn, meeting of Physical Requirement (PR) and Functional Classification (FC) criteria by the PH category candidates etc.

The General Merit (GM) candidates who have qualified without availing of  any relaxation admissible to their respective categories (OBC, SC & ST) are first considered for allocation for service against the unreserved vacancy (UR). But in case they get service of their higher preference they are allocated such service in their own category. Allocation to candidates under OBC category against vacancy reserved is done only after satisfying the fact that the candidate falls in the non-creamy layer segment. First,  service allocation to Physically Handicapped (PH) candidates is done  against the vacancy available in the relevant sub-category (i.e. Visually Impaired (VI)/Hearing Impaired (HI)/ Locomotor Disability and Cerebral  Palsy (LDCP)) as per their rank, findings of medical board, meeting PR&FC requirements, at their turn. Thereafter, service allocation to rest of the candidates other than PH category is finalized. UPSC has recommended names of 1122 candidates who had successfully cleared the CSE 2013. Service allocation has been done in respect of 981 candidates. Out of 981candidates allocated to various services, allocation to some of the candidates has been kept provisional because they have a  chance for up-gradation to a better service as per their preference due to non-receipt of medical status or lack of confirmation of creamy layer status in respect of candidates above them in rank. After such medical reports and  OBC status are finalized, provisional allocation may be confirmed with or
without up-gradation.

In respect of the remaining 141 candidates service allocation has not been done due to following reasons. Some candidates have indicated preference only for limited number of services. As per rules they may be allocated to a service only after service allocation has been done to all candidate from the main as well as the reserve list is complete. OBC status of some candidates is under verification. Candidature of some candidates has been
kept as provisional by UPSC due to non-submission of some essential documents by them. In respect of some candidates their medical examination is not final. These candidates would be considered for service allocation after verification of their status. Candidature of some candidates has been cancelled due to non completion of medical examination despite ample opportunities, non-verification of OBC status, non-fulfillment of physical requirement, functional classification of the service to which they were entitled to be allocated in (PH) category.

While every effort is being made to resolve the issues for clearing provisional allocation in time bound manner, the candidates are instructed to get the pending medical examination completed immediately without any
further delay.

The candidates are hereby informed that the specific reasons for their nonallocation of service are being uploaded in the DoPT’s site, which can be accessed through the web authentication code provided to the candidates.

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