Public Administration Mains 2019 : Solved Paper-1 (Question: 7)

Public Administration Mains 2019 : Solved Paper Question Paper-1 (Question-7)


Q1 (a) Performance measurement remains an emerging issues but it is relegated to exclusively monitor and assess the use of funds. In light of the statement discuss various non-financial parameters of performance measurement to evaluate public sector organization. 20 Marks

ANSWER:One way of classifying performance measures is by the phase of production that they pertain to (i.e. input, throughput, output, and outcomes performance measures).

In order to measure performance of public sector’s organizations, it is very important to apply suitable performance measurement methods. The possibility to apply the complex combination of performance measurement methods known in business sector and applied in public sector sometimes, as this combination would help to focus on the core decisions of the organization in public sector, induce development of internal processes, increase the employees’ motivation for improvement and would serve as a tool to define the entity’s improvement as any organization cannot work effectively and objectively without measuring its performance.

The critical moment in performance measurement of public sector is to identify the factors affecting the performance results of the organization. This process is very important for decision-making, which would determine the future results of the organization. The concept of value-creating factors is always changing in the context of dynamic environment and this causes management problems. Therefore performance measurement system is becoming more and more important tool that helps to make management decisions of organizations in public sector. 

Besides, the practical application of the measurement results – information – should be stressed not only with regard to decision-making, but also in wider sense, i.e. for the purpose of accountability, transparency, publicity, social responsibility, information and education with regard to all the interested parties

A number of the processes and practices that are, or could be, involved in performance measurement are long established public-sector practices. These include the maintenance of large electronic administrative data systems; financial auditing practices within government, and audit-related procedures for protecting the integrity of information; arms-length data-collection practices; personnel evaluation activities and practices; public opinion monitoring; and, particularly, program evaluation. (In fact, high quality and comprehensive program evaluation potentially spans all of the processes and practices that are part of performance measurement programs, except that performance measurement is normally an on-going activity whereas program evaluations tend to be carried out on an occasional basis.)

(b) The imperatives of administrative ethics are necessarily an anudole to “I was only obeying the orders” argument by public official. Explain. 15 Marks


(c) Discuss the major areas of change in the Tax-Reforms of the post liberisation era. How do you justify the importance of the direct Tax reforms in this context? 15 Marks


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