Public Administration Mains 2019 : Solved Paper-2 (Question: 8)

Public Administration Mains 2019 : Solved Paper Question Paper-2 (Question-8)


Q1.(a) ‘NITI Aayog’ has changed the way India strategized for economic development, but its effectiveness is yet to be seen, especially when its financial powers are far less than its predecessor. Analyze. 20 Marks

ANSWER: The Aayog, unlike its predecessor Planning Commission, does not have financial powers nor any say in preparing annual plans of the states. The Aayog should be given financial powers to help address regional imbalances. The Aayog would be given some role in allocating development expenditure to states, then that would also "promote co-operative and competitive federalism". The Planning Commission used to play a key role in deciding the expenditure plans of central ministries as well as that of states.

NITI Aayog is a government think tank and it works for the government. It helps the government to get new ideas and make policies. It also helps the government with feedback from the ground that it collects. In that sense, NITI Aayog is independent to do all of these things on the basis of objective criteria. But of course, you cannot expect NITI Aayog to be overly critical of the government. Whatever feedback we need to give, we can give without going to the public. NITI Aayog’s autonomy is like that of the Reserve Bank of India, which is also part of the macro team. We all are autonomous and independent, but we do have to maintain dignity and honour. We have never shied away from using or publishing data as we think is right. In the water index that we brought out, we said that India is facing acute water shortage.

(b) Even though the law and order administration is a State subject, it is paradoxical that the Central agencies- NIA or paramilitary forces under the Union Government-have restricted the powers of State Governments. Discuss. 20 Marks


(c) Performance grants devolved by Finance Commission of India have increased the Financial accountability of the local bodies. Elaborate. 10 Marks


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